Ah, La Croix — the sparkling water from Wisconsin that has taken America by storm. Nowadays, you can’t step into a Bachelorette watch party or a summer barbecue without ending up with a La Croix cocktail in hand. The sparkling water co. has 17 flavors — including Pure (no flavor) and their Cúrate collection — but how do you know which one is made for you? We say… it’s in the stars. Check out which La Croix flavor best suits your zodiac sign.

Aries + Cran-Raspberry


Aries are all fire, courage and determination. You love a good challenge, though you like to keep it playful too. Bursting with bright berry flavor, Cran-Raspberry is the surprising yet totally delish flavor that will keep you energized.

Taurus + Berry


Taurus gals are hardworking, grounded and always rise to the occasion. Berries are def the fruit that shares your strengths (I mean, have you ever tried to get rid of a raspberry bush?) — and the La Croix Berry has just the burst of bubble that will make you soar.

Gemini + Peach Pear


Geminis are undefinable — you don’t neatly fit into one category, and that’s cool by you. The Peach Pear La Croix is right up your alley because it’s a combo of two unexpected things that go together like music.

Cancer + Apricot


Some might say Cancers have lots of emotions — but for you, empathy is a standout trait. Apricot La Croix is your drink of choice, because it has a hint of sweetness (as much as unsweetened seltzer can be) and it’s so, so good.

Leo + Orange


Center-of-attention Leo is always brimming with confidence and plenty of wit. You’re an instant classic — and what’s more zesty than a citrus fruit? That’s why orange is the perfect flavor for you.

Virgo + Lemon


Virgos are famously meticulous, neat and highly discerning — which is why the fresh zest of lemon complements your taste so well. Lemon makes everything better.

Libra + Pamplemousse


Arguably the most popular of La Croix flavors, Pamplemousse is the go-to for all Libras. Sociable, charming, diplomatic and always dressed to the nines, Libra is a welcome addition to any get-together — as is the grapefruit sparkling water.

Scorpio + Passionfruit


As a Scorpio, you’re mysterious, sultry and full of passion. There’s obviously no better pick out of the La Croix line that one of the water co.’s newest additions, Passionfruit.

Sagittarius + Mango


Those born under the star sign Sagittarius are intrinsically curious and love to explore. Another one of La Croix new releases is Mango, and it’s as interesting and alluring as you are.

Capricorn + Pure


Capricorns are the walking, talking definition of #girlboss. You’re driven but always cool — which is why a classic flave like Pure really suits your style.

Aquarius + Lime


Trying to pin down an Aquarius can be like trying to catch light in a jar. If you had a bumper sticker, it would read: Can I LIVE? Therefore, your drink is Lime. It’s as fun and awesome as you are.

Pisces + Coconut


If you’re a Pisces, you’ve got a rich inner life. Sometimes the things in your head are way more interesting than what’s happening around you, which is why your La Croix has to be Coconut. Just like you, the best part is what’s inside.

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(Photos via La Croix)