The music you listen to is the soundtrack of your life. After all, what is the point of cleaning your house without Katy Perry belting “Firework” in the background? Is there any joy working on a spreadsheet for your next client meeting without Rihanna singing “BBHMM” (radio edit, of course. Gotta keep it SFW.) in your ear? Spotify has long been a go-to app to provide the free music we love — but that could all be about to change.

Before you panic: NO, the free version of Spotify isn’t going away entirely, BUT if reports are correct, the best part about the free version of Spotify (unlimited online streaming!!) is going to change very soon. According to Time, the Swedish streaming service is caving to pressures from the music industry and may be severely limiting the amount of free music users will have access to in a session — like, the ability to only listen to one or two singles from an album (booooooo).

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As only 25 percent of Spotify users subscribe to their $10 a month Premium service, this move by the company is an attempt to be more competitive with Apple Music’s (which also charges $10 a month). According to Forbes, all these changes are expected to launch starting next year, sooo… get as much mooching in as you possibly can before this good thing comes to an end.

With the big push to raise their numbers in paid users, we wonder if Taylor Swift will be putting her music back on the app. The 1989 singer pulled her entire library of music off the site last year in protest of the site’s low compensation and royalties to artists and our runs, commutes and work days haven’t been the same since :(

What do you think of this latest Spotify news? Will you be subscribing to Spotify Premium? Tell us in the comments below!

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