You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. It doesn’t take a scientific study to reveal that we all love the classic cold treat. But there may be more to how we eat our ice cream than simply whether or not you add sprinkles. Baskin-Robbins recently teamed up with founder of Food-ology and behavioral food expert Juliet Boghossian to conduct a study about what your ice cream preferences say about your personality. The results are in, and they might surprise you.

If you prefer eating your ice cream on a cone, you’re likely an idealist who leads with your heart. If you love waffle cones, you’re a traditional caregiver and nurturing. Opt for a sugar cone, and you’re the life of the party. Your favorite flavor is probably cookie dough or cookies ‘n cream.

If you like to stick with a bowl and spoon, you’re analytical by nature. You’re a rational thinker, responsible, and hardworking. Odds are that your favorite flavor is chocolate.

If you’d rather have an ice cream sandwich, you’re a mix of contradictions. You can be an introvert some times and extroverted at others. You’re also known to be to be artistic and impulsive. Cookies ‘n’ cream came in as the top choice among eccentrics.

If you like to go all out with an ice cream sundae, you’re naturally ambitious and like to take calculated risks. You’re also very loyal, motivated, open, and passionate. It’s not surprising that most of these loyalists love chocolate and vanilla.

If you prefer a milkshake, you’re young at heart, fearless, and more likely to take risks.

So, why ice cream? According to Boghossian, “Dessert in particular is one of the best foods to analyze as it provides the rawest unfiltered peek into an individual’s character… ice cream was an ideal choice since it is the #1 preferred treat/dessert in the US when given an open choice.” Although ice cream was the topic of conversation in this study, Boghossian adds that there are endless other food habits that offer similar insight. Everything from the way we shop for food to how we cook, or even order from a menu can provide clues into our character.

Boghossian also says that food habits tend to change with age. Triggered by maturity (or lack thereof), experiences, relationships, and accomplishments, our food habits will evolve along with our personalities.

Ice cream preferences could even clue you in to compatible partners. Boghossian explains that, typically, there are one or two types that are most compatible among others. For example, “an optimistic waffle cone lover can be in their element being quite supportive to the ambitious sundae lover, bringing out the best in both. Compare that to the eccentric ice cream cookie sandwich type and the ambitious sundae lover they can certainly be compatible, but it will be more work as they are not as closely aligned with their personalities and motivations.”

If you’re not sure where you fall on the ice cream personality test, feel free to use this as motivation to find out. We’ll take any excuse to eat dessert.

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(Photos via Baskin-Robbins)