Art has always drawn inspiration from nature — and lately for makeup, that inspiration has been quite literal. The floral eyeliner trend first swept the internet, then people started using real flowers to adorn their lids. And now one Instagram makeup artist is tapping into a long-running home and garden trend to deck out… her lips?

Ryan Kelly, a self-professed lip art mermaid, incorporates succulents into one crazy, cool beauty look. Kelly posted her creation on IG back in November of last year, but it is once again “blooming” on social media (see what we did there?).

She achieved her masterpiece by making tiny versions of the desert plant out of clay and gluing them on her lips. She also affixed them to her nails. While it’s not wearable everyday glam, it definitely makes for a good photo op.

In case you wanted to try out the trend yourself, Kelly posted a video tutorial detailing how she uses polymer clay and Alcone’s 3rd Degree, a molding compound, to create the succulents.

Kelly’s art project was inspired by that of another Instagram creative, Australian botanical artist Roz Borg, who went viral after she crafted a manicure with REAL succulents. Don’t worry, no greenery was harmed in the making of these manis. After the glue released on the nails, Borg would replant the tiny plants.

We have a feeling the succulent beauty trend is gonna keep on growing.

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(h/t Bustle; photos via Ryan Kelly/Instagram)