Thanks to (or perhaps because of) Instagram, we’re seeing more and more unique makeup trends becoming common — just check the insane glitter fad we’re seeing at Coachella!

With everything from super minimalist makeup to trends that make you say WTF, Instagram has inadvertently become THE go-to for serious makeup inspo, and we’re getting a taste of a super cute and surprisingly easy-to-achieve floral eyeliner look, just in time for festival season.

With the help of multicolored liquid eyeliner, artists and fest-goers alike are achieving a pretty bouquet for the eyes in the form of flower-lined lids. Using a similar technique to the dot liner look, all you need is a few colors, a steady hand and some close-together dots going across your lash line. (Think makeup art 101 as opposed to the more challenging Helix eyeliner that made the rounds last year).

Regardless of what florals you’re going for, this look seems to be almost foolproof.

And really, what better way to complement your floral crown?

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(h/t Glamour; photo via Matt Cowan/Getty)