For those of us who live far from our families, it can be hard to address the challenge of returning home, especially for the holidays. Prices are high for one, but there’s a major physical strain that comes along with a six hour flight in a cramped cabin; until now.

Lockheed Martin is designing a supersonic jet for commercial airlines that could cut the time traveling across the country in half. Surprisingly, the challenge of such a feat is not speed, but sound.

Airplanes can reach supersonic speeds, but when they travel over 760 miles per hour they create a sonic boom, causing disruption to nature, wildlife and people’s eardrums. To address these challenges, Lockheed is looking at some high-tech solutions like low noise exhaust, integrated noise suppression and airframe noise suppression. They even created a video to explain the science behind it all.

The sleek airplane is smaller than the 737, seating only about 80 passengers. We expect this means prices for a spot would be high, but such a quick trip must surely be worth the cost… right?!

What do you think of this supersonic airplane? Would you be one of the first to try it? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Mashable)