Bake it like Beckham? That’s the newly-shorn Victoria’s new MO, as she took to Instagram to show off her domestic prowess this week. Hilary Duff’s big sis Haylie joined her, proudly posting her first baking win, while Naomi Watts hand-wrapped an exciting gift for the supes chill Oscar winner Brie Larson. Read on to check out the rest of the best celeb DIYs this week had to offer.

1. Victoria Beckham: Mrs. Beckham bakes?! She certainly does her best, as she admitted on these delectable-looking “Beckham Brownies” — “Summer school fete!!! Who knew?!?! #mummyduties #triedmybest.” We’re going to go ahead and say you killed it, V.

2. Raven Symoné: “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life,” Raven captioned this snap of her art supplies, quoting none other than Mr. Picasso himself.

3. Haylie Duff: Hilary’s big sis also got her bake on this week, in a move that’s apparently every bit as shocking as Victoria’s: “#nbd, but I made a pie and it’s EPIC,” she writes. “For those of you that know my lack of skills when it comes to baking…you GET how MAJOR this is!” Looks pretty darn good to us, Haylie! Try out her recipe here.

4. Ashley Greene: Twilight star Ashley Greene helped prepare this meal for two, writing “Home cooked meal success with @paulkyhoury.”

5. Sophia Bush: We’re not entirely sure WHAT actress Sophia Bush is up to, but her collage post promises that she’s “Gearing up to work on something special,” along with the hashtags “#lovemyjob” and #moviemagic.” We can’t wait to see the finished product, Sophia!

6. Naomi Watts: Naomi Watts added quite the artistic flair to the handwrapped Glass Castle script she sent to Brie Larson, AKA the future Jeanette Walls. “I hardly wanted to open it!” Brie divulged.

7: Lauren Kitt Carter: Though Lauren and BSB husband Nick Carter (fresh off an EPIC Miss USA performance) admittedly had a little help putting newborn son Odin Reign’s room together, the proud mom shows off the room she and Nick helped create nonetheless, saying, “A peek at our nursery with custom bedding and accessories by @newarrivalsinc. We designed the nursery with @rockabyemommy.” Nice work, guys!

8. Khloé Kardashian: Khloé gets her cook on with this buttery chicken puff recipe, which Khloé says is “SO good and super easy!”

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(Featured photo via Moses Ng/Getty)