Sweet potato toast is the new avocado toast, and grain-free foodies across the world are rejoicing. Of course, swapping out your bread for some toasted sweet potato is just one of many Paleo alternatives to your favorite foods, but let’s face it — it’s one of the best. Sweet potato toast is actually *a lot* easier to make than it looks. All you need to do is slice your yams into a thin, bread-like shape and pop them in your toaster until they’re cooked through. Then you can top them with whatever fixins strike your fancy. Check out these 12 delish-looking Instagram posts for inspo.

1. Mediterranean Flavors: All the flavors of the Mediterranean are on display with these sweet potato creations. Chickpeas, roasted red peppers, Greek yogurt and tiny greens comprise these super-healthy snacks.

2. Sweet Potato Bites: These tiny little bites give us tons of different options for our sweet potato toast. Smoked trout with spinach, strawberry with whipped cream, lemon ricotta, lox and cucumber… the options are endless.

3. Plant Power: Here’s an array of healthy, protein-packed, plant-based snacks for ya. Use a carrot peeler to shave tiny strips of zucchini to go on top of freshly sliced avocado. We also love the idea of topping your potato with cabbage, hummus and pine nuts.

4. Sweet and Simple: You might call this the most classic iteration of sweet potato toast. Banana, chia seeds, cinnamon and honey make for a natural pairing with sweet potato, no?

5. Shrimp on Toast: The sweet potato toast trend isn’t just for vegans. Some shrimp and avocado topped with lime make for a delicious fajita-inspired snack.

6. Bruschetta, Reimagined: Have you ever thought to take the classic ingredients of bruschetta (plus avocado) and put them atop grain-free, gluten-free sweet potatoes? Now you Paleo eaters can have just as much fun as the rest of us on Italian night.

7. Trail Mix: We love all the creations in this pic, from the cream-cheese-and-chia-seed toast topped with blueberries to the traditional avocado spread. But we’re particularly intrigued by the trail mix-inspired choice. It’s topped with nut butter, seeds, raisins and cashews for a healthy and nutty yet sweet treat.

8. Eat Your Colors: Have you ever heard that you should include as many colors as possible in your diet? Color is a great indicator of nutrient and phytochemical diversity in your food. And this concoction is certainly winning at that game.

9. Choose a Side: Your SP toast doesn’t have to be eaten all by its lonesome. Some amazing sides to pair with it include almonds and dried figs (as well as all manner of dried fruits and nuts).

10. Make a Meal of It: Speaking of sides to pair with your sweet potato toast, how about making a full brunch dish out of them? Eggs, guacamole and beans will give you a heaping dose of protein and healthy fats, keeping you full and satisfied for hours.

11. Fancy Toast: Oh, the options here! Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus is a clear winner, but so is the spinach topped with egg. Oh, and the scrambled eggs with bacon. And the radish with goat cheese. And the strawberries and blueberries with Greek yogurt. Seriously, we challenge you to try *just* one.

12. Sunny Side Up: What doesn’t taste better with a runny egg on top? Sweet potato toast with Sriracha and avocado certainly does.

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