Models are the undisputed champions of Instagram. Kendall’s blonde moment got over a million — MILLION! — likes last week, and Chrissy Teigen keeps her three million followers laughing on a daily basis. But did you know their industry is still one of the most old school in how it operates? There’s an app out now that’s trying to change that, both for the benefit of the models and the clients that book them.


For all intents and purposes, models are freelancers themselves, but lack the community and infrastructure to personally look after things like finances, bookings and more. That’s where the traditional modeling agency comes in. They scout and develop their talent and take an agency fee (usually around 10-20 percent of the job) for their time and resources. Sometimes models don’t see their booked fees come in for weeks or months. But according to, Swipecast is about to disrupt the model life that’s been around since the ‘20s.


The concept is so simple, we can’t believe we didn’t think of it: putting the power in the hands of the talent. From the app, models can advertise their day rates, their portfolios, people they’ve worked with and other relevant stats. Photographers, casting agents and brands can then book the models directly by — of course! — swiping right à la Tinder. And just like Uber, both sides can rate the experience to ensure that photographers stay sketch-free and models behave nicely. The best part is models can be paid directly and in a timely manner, all from the app.


There are some Swipcast skeptics who believe that agencies perform a function in helping grow their talent, but in the age of Instagram, we think it’s pretty cool models can now control their own bookings — and finally get paid promptly.

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(Feature image via Gareth Cattermole/Getty)