If you don’t follow her on Instagram yet, you should. Chrissy Teigen is much more than just a model and the wife of the King of Crooners — that’s John Legend, btw. She’s also one funny chick, adorable dog parent and a gourmet chef. Chrissy has a hot new cookbook that she’s been long prepping for, and it looks like it’s finally all coming together. The soon-to-be-author has taken us behind the scenes of the making of her cookbook via Instagram, and the official sneak peek is mouthwatering.


Creativity comes in many forms (including delicious ones), and Chrissy has been inspiring us in the kitchen ever since we pressed Follow. This week she started rolling out tasty sneak peeks (drool) of the food we can expect to see in the book.


We can’t wait to try this mouth-watering Lemon Arugula Cacio e Pepe.


And this scrumptious-yet-healthy-looking ramen salad. Nom.


She’s got a whole team of pros styling and photographing her food to make it look gorgeous, including her three pups. She uploaded this hilarious pic yesterday of her photographer getting a shot of her open-faced sandwiches with Frenchies Penny + Pippa and English bulldog Puddy very obediently sitting and looking on.

All three of them can’t take their eyes off the food. They’re like, “If I sit and stay very, very still, maybe I’ll get a piece.” But their mama definitely knows what’s going through their heads. In the caption, Chrissy writes, “Please note Puddy drool.” Awwww. We feel you, Puddy.

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(Photos via Andrew H. Walker/Getty + @chrissyteigen)