Your fingers work hard. They type, they text and with the advent of swipe-heavy apps like Tinder, they help you find a date. With all that action happening pretty constantly thought the day, your fingers really deserve a break now and then (you know, so they can focus on prettier things, like rocking gorg nail art or headturning rings), so it’s a good thing someone just made online dating totally hands free.


In classic “there’s an app for that” fashion, an agency called T3 created a new way to use Tinder on the Apple Watch. Nylon reports that Hands-Free Tinder uses your heart rate to determine who you should match with. “When using traditional Tinder, you use your head to find a match,” says a promotional vide. “With this watch, you use your heart.” Seriously, the app’s technology is sensitive enough to register when your heart rate increases or decreases when looking at someone’s profile picture and “swipes” for you based on that flutter or flatline.


There’s no word on when this app will go live, but the creators are quick to say it’s coming soon to the App store and Google Play. We obviously can’t wait to try this quirky advancement, we’re just a little worried that a cute dog on the street or an exciting text might spark a reaction that could accidentally swipe right on someone who’s really more left material. It’s a risk we’re willing to take to with the promise of finding love in an actual heartbeat.


Is this new way to use Tinder a breakthrough or a bust? Tell us in the comments, or just put your computer close to your pulse points and hope that gets the job done.

(h/t Nylon, Photos via Youtube)