Let’s admit it: apps are ignoring our privacy these days. The latest update from Uber takes this to the next level, and we’re kinda nervous ’bout it.

uber privacy update

In Uber’s latest privacy updates, releasing on July 15, the ride sharing app will be able to track your location while running in the background of your phone. Okay, okay, so a lot of apps do this, but they will also be able to gain access to your phone’s contact list to “send special offers to riders’ friends or family.” Hmmm, well it’s definitely time to make sure to close out of the app after our ride ends, because that’s hella creepy!

uber privacy update

Obviously users are totally able to deny these new updates within the settings of their phone, but sometimes riders — aka us — forget that fact. So, moral of the story? If you don’t want Uber automatically knowing where you are at all times and you *definitely* don’t want them bugging friends and family, deny Uber’s new settings and exit that app after you take a ride (that’s if you don’t already choose Lyft) once it’s complete. You’re welcome ;)

What are your thoughts on Uber’s latest privacy updates? How do you feel about apps tracking where you are while you’re not using them? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t The Daily Dot, photos via @uber)