Pokemon Go lovers know there’s something inexplicably rewarding about catching a Pokemon on the first try (btdubs, check out the funniest Pokemon Go memes ever!), but all that wandering around town trying to hunt down a Snorlax or Mew can be really draining on your battery. And you know what else the app drains? Your data allowance. Hence why the fine folks at T-Mobile just revealed a new plan that should have every up-and-coming Master Trainer jumping for joy.


The cellular provider announced that, as part of their T-Mobile Tuesdays promotional event, customers will be given unlimited data to play Pokemon Go until August 2017. (We’ll see if the app craze lasts another full year…) In order to jump on the deal, T-Mobile customers should have the company’s T-Mobile Tuesday App already downloaded on their phones. The offer is live in the app today.

This is just yet another T-Mobile promo that is luring many people and making others seriously consider switching carriers. Who else is providing free pizza and unlimited Pokemon Go? Although it is worth mentioning that many are critical of T-Mobile’s loyalty programs because of the company’s stance on net neutrality. But, for those who prioritize catching Pokemon above all else, the ability to catch Pokemon without catching data fees is very tempting.

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(h/t TechCrunch; photo via Niantic)