Not to make a gross understatement, but Pokemon GO is a mega viral phenomenon — so much so, Nintendo’s market value has jumped $7.5 billion since the launch of the game and a total of $9 billion dollars since last Wednesday. That was five days ago. In the few short days that Pokemon GO has overtaken our existence (RIP, my former life), the Internet has been appropriately and hilariously ablaze with memes. Here are some of the very best ones.

1. When perfection is attainable.

2. When you realize that you’re not worthy.

3. When you’ve found your new hero.

4. When you start appreciating a long commute though.

5. When you realize things could get kinda ugly.

6. When this Hamilton + Pokemon Go moment is MFEO.

7. When your egg isn’t hatching.

8. When your canine friend doesn’t even CARE that you’re not paying attention to her.

9. When turf wars reaches a whole new level. (#TeamValor)

10. When you’re an adult making adult decisions — kinda.

11. When this is you IRL.

12. When a Pokemon’s skills are better than the ones on your resume.

13. When Pokemon GO nails your fave TV show characters.

14. When a game brings people together.

15. When you go all Lion King.

16. When IRL Pokemon are the best.

17. When the game has you feeling like you’re stuck in a time loop.


18. When picking a team is hard. (Go Team Valor!) (GIF via Reddit)

19. When the Pokemon Crawl struggle is real.

20. When you’re feeling the FOMO.

21. When Niantic can’t sort out their server sitch.

22. When you’re inaccurate with those Poke Balls.

23. When a meme is hilarious yet scarily accurate.

24. When a game becomes a great motivator.

25. When Pokemon GO rewrites an early aughts pop song.

26. When you’re on a Pokemon Crawl… and so are 100 other people.

27. When you need your curfew extended.

28. When it’s time to go shopping.

29. When you roll up your sleeves and get it done.

30. When you experience the realest of disappointments.

31. When your pet is real adorable, but no Pikachu.

32. When you start your new workout plan.

33. When you spend 20 minutes pacing the same two blocks.


34. When it’s time to refinance your home. (Photo via Reddit)

35. When the metric system becomes more relevant than ever.

36. When true love — and Pokemon — are hard to find.

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