Ah, the beloved t-shirt. We’ve dyed it, chopped it, bedazzled it and bleached it, and we’re not stopping there. Today, we’re revisiting one of our favorite things to make with the inexpensive textile — jewelry! Taking a cue from our classic t-shirt jewelry hack, we’re bringing you a statement necklace DIY that costs under $10 but looks a whole lot more expensive. Keep scrolling for the tutorial.



– cotton t-shirts

– 2 ribbon pinch crimp cord ends

– 18″ chain

– 4 jump rings

– clasp

– toothpick

– flat-nosed pliers

– cutting pliers

– fabric scissors

– E6000

 1. Cut off the hemmed edge of your t-shirt, then cut one-inch-wide strips. Repeat with all of your t-shirts. Then stretch each strip so the edges curl inward.

2. Lay out your necklace pattern, ensuring it is the same thickness as your cord ends.

3. Using a toothpick, add E6000 to the inside of your ribbon pinch crimp cord end, then squeeze in the end of one strip. (Using a toothpick to wedge in the jersey really helps.) Repeat with the rest of your t-shirt strips.

4. Once all of the t-shirt strips are glued in place, use the flat-nosed pliers to crimp the cord end closed. Let dry.

5. Lay out the jersey in a U shape to determine where to cut the second side. Once cut, glue each strip into the cord end and crimp it shut. Let dry.

6. Cut your chain in half, then add one jump ring to the end of each piece. Attach these jump rings to the cord ends, then test the length of the necklace on yourself. Cut the chain shorter, if necessary. Once your chain is the desired length, add jump rings to each end, then add the clasp. And you’re done!


Pro Tip: When using t-shirts for DIY projects, always opt for the biggest size — the more fabric, the better!


First, cut off the hemmed edge of your t-shirt. Then cut one-inch-wide strips.


Stretch each strip of jersey so that the edges curl inward.


Cut the ends of each strip so that you have long strings of jersey. See the hemmed parts of the coral fabric? We’ll be cutting those off, too.


Line up the strips of jersey into your desired pattern, endsuring it is the same thickness of your ribbon pinch crimp cord end.


Next, apply E6000 glue to the inside of your cord end with a toothpick. Wedge the first strip of jersey into the cord end on top of the glue.

Pro Tip: A toothpick is a great tool for getting that jersey tucked all the way into the cord end!


Repeat these steps with the rest of the t-shirt strips, making sure there is no space between them.


When all are in place, close your cord end with the flat-nosed pliers. Let dry.


You’re halfway there! Lay out your jersey strips in a U shape to determine where to cut the other side. This step is super important — in order for the necklace to lay flat, some jersey strips will end up being shorter than others. Once you’ve laid it out properly, make the cut. Then glue each strip to the second cord end as you did with the first side, and crimp shut. Let dry.


Cut your chain to size. We started with 18 inches, and ended up trimming it to two 8.5-inch-long pieces.


Once you’ve cut your chain in half, add a jump ring to both sides of each piece. Then add your clasp to one of the jump rings.


Use the other jump ring to fasten your cord end and chain together, then repeat on the other side.


Boom! You’ve got yourself a statement necklace.


Three cheers for cheap DIYs that look like a million bucks. #amirite?


Next time your ‘fit needs some pizzazz, reach for this necklace.


Have you ever made jewelry out of t-shirts? If so, we wanna see! Share your projects with the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative so we can take a peek!