Back to school? Puh-lease, summer is still here and it is HOT outside. You most likely have a t-shirt you’ve been wearing that says something like “I heart Ryan Gosling” or “Born to Boogie,” but the heat calls for less clothes and more skin. Take that tee and turn it into a backless tank with this easy hack.


– t-shirt


– sewing machine

– fabric scissors

– pins


1. Place your shirt face down and cut a two inch strip down the center of the back, curving your cut out towards the edges of the shirt on each side and leaving about five inches of the original back at the bottom.

2. Cut approximately four inches along the side edges from the curve up towards the sleeve. Then cut diagonally back towards the curve. You will have cut out a piece that looks like a triangle with one rounded side.

3. Now you’ll create a diagonal strip about two inches wide by cutting on the same diagonal further up the shirt back.

4. Cut on the opposite diagonal, snipping out a long triangle. Then create another two-inch diagonal strip on that diagonal.

5. Using the seam as a guide, cut off the sleeve. Then cut along the side of the shirt from the armpit to your first diagonal strip. This will separate the part of the back that would be covering your shoulder blade. Do the same thing to the other side and then fold these pieces back.

6. Now create smooth lines by shaping the piece you just created. Check out the photos below to see the cuts we made to create a more rectangular shape.

7. Next cut each strip into thirds so that you can braid them. Make your braids and then stick a pin in the end so that they don’t unravel.

8. Pin all of your braids together and then sew through them with your sewing machine.

Get your fabric scissors out and do a few hand exercises because you’ve got a lot of cutting to do. Turn your t-shirt face down on a table. Snip a two-inch strip down the middle, adding a curve at the bottom as you steer your scissors towards the side of the shirt. Make sure to leave approximately five inches of the original back at the bottom of the shirt. Then cut up along the side seam about four inches. Turn your scissors in towards the midline and cut at a diagonal. You’ll wind up with a piece that looks like a triangle with one round side. Is there a name for that? How about a roundalateral? Or a roundtouse triangle? Maybe not.

Move your scissors up the back about two inches and cut on the same diagonal starting at the midline moving towards the side of the shirt. Move up two more inches but shift your diagonal in the opposite direction. Here you’ll cut out a long triangle (a real one this time). Scoot up the shirt two more inches and cut on the same diagonal. Follow these steps on the other side of your shirt and you’ll wind up with a long diamond shape in the middle of the back. Now for those pesky sleeves.

This part is really a piece of art. You’ll need to summon your inner Edward Scissorhands to wield the perfect shape. First cut off the sleeve following the seam. Then snip through the section between the armpit and the top diagonal strip. Now you should be able to fold this entire piece up and back. Do this to the other side. They kind of look like bat wings :) Okay, it’s time to get precise. Shear the flaps so that they become long, even strips.

Take each strip and cut it into thirds. Then braid each section and place a pin in the end so that your handiwork doesn’t unravel.

Once you’ve braided all of your strips, your tee should look like this!

Pin all of your braids together and then sew them in place. We simply stitched a “t” shape through each section, which worked great.

Just like JT, we’re “bringing sexy back.” To our backs. So hot!

Wear it with a lacy bra for max “wow-factor” and plenty of ooing and ahing.

Or over your bathing suit.

Or go full-on sexy back!

Misty rocks it!

Do you have any great t-shirt hacks? We’d love to hear about your designs!