It’s only a matter of time before infants get their own iPad in the hospital, but until then, we have to do something to protect our own devices from the little ones’ lack of motor skills. The tech-savvy stroller set can get their chubby little fingers swiping with these tablet and smartphone cases.

1. Cyclops ($25): Turn on your iPad and say rawwwwrrrr! Maybe not for the kid who thinks there’s a monster under their bed, you can download toothy background images to make this Cyclops iPad case come to life with each swipe.

2. Vintage Book Case ($79): Relive your own favorite bedtime stories and remind kids what reading looked like back in the day with these super cute tablet cases made of old children’s books.

3. NERF iPad Elite Gaming Case ($35): Although we’re a little frightened by the temptation that might occur from writing NERF on something you’re not supposed to hurl at someone’s face, this case would absorb a little rough housing.

4. Ubooly ($30 to $60): Your smartphone or tablet is the “stuff” in this stuffed animal, turning it into an interactive toy that will become your kids’ new BFF. Download the Ubooly app (free or $29.99 to unlock all the packs) and build a bear that will learn kiddo’s name, teach them a new language, walk them through science experiments and play make believe.

5. Fisher-Price Princess Case ($16): If you have to put Baby in the corner, at least give her something that’s interactive as a toy AND a tech device. You can even block the home button so Baby doesn’t diaper dial by accident.

6. KaysCase KidBox ($26): Help your f as useful for you as it would be for your tot, these happy-hued cases feature a built-in handle and

7. Woogie 2 ($20): Woogie turns your iPhone into a cuddly creature and has a companion app that takes your kids to space, the beach and other lands of make believe. This app and all of the “Woogie Worlds” inside it are currently free so your little one can go to the moon and back on the cheap.

8. Dyconn iPadding ($40): These padded little monsters will keep electronics safe(r) from your little monsters.

9. LEGO Builder Case ($60): If you want something that will get your little one to cut down on screentime, this case is sure to distract and encourage kids to get crafty. Sneaky!

10. SeeSaw Case ($35): Built to be classroom-friendly, this case props up your tablet for easier viewing and (hopefully) less dropping.

Do your kids play with your smartphone or tablet? Do you have a special case just for them? Share below!