We’re not gonna lie, while we were sitting around the Christmas tree watching our little nieces, nephews, and cousins unwrap their toys, we got a little jealous…‘cause kids toys today are so freaking cool! Seriously—from whimsical plush animals to geometric-shaped building blocks, modern children’s toys could easily pass as props from any Wes Anderson movie. Seeing as how we’ve already publicly swooned over playroom-ready decor we’d totally add to our grown-up living spaces, we’re doing the same with these 25 kids toys that we not-so-secretly want ourselves!

1. Mini Shape-Maker Block Set ($45): This lightweight block set is made up of colorful, hand-printed, hardwood blocks that can be arranged to create all sorts of imaginative creatures—from triangle “striped” tigers to ginger bearded fellows.

2. Wooden Crocodile Rocker ($120): We know better than to smile at a crocodile, but this sleepy wooden rocker is so freaking cute. Sorry, but rocking horses need not apply.

3. Pin-Worthy Tot Bowling Set ($59): These hand knit bowling pins are the perfect way to encourage kiddos to practice hand-eye coordination…or their Godzilla-like bulldozing skills.

4. Prismania Blocks ($59): What did we tell you? These geo blocks are pretty sick, right? We wouldn’t mind having this set to fidget with during brainstorming meetings.

5. Kiki+ Toys Tanabata Dominos (out of stock): If dominos looked like rainbow colored stars when we were younger—and came packaged in a gold metallic tote—you can bet we’d be playtime pros. Sadly, this set is currently out of stock, but it’s is way too cool not to include here.

6. iWood, My First Laptop Computer ($50): Now you and your little one can learn how to code at the same time ;) You know we love our geeky baby gifts.

7. Shrinky Dinks Charms and Trinkets ($20): We thought we’d follow up that mini Mac with a crafting classic: Shrinky Dinks! It’s the perfect way to get your older kids into DIY style.

8. Pillow Band ($42): With the bed as a stage, the sheets as curtains, and these instrument-shaped pillows providing the “soundtrack,” you just transformed your children into the next number one rock band. Watch out One Direction.

9. Gold Confetti Play Canopy ($69+): This might be the most chic playhouse we’ve ever seen. I may or may not have Pinned this to my personal “For the Home” Pinboard.

10. Surfer Loris Large ($24): There’s nothing quite as silly as a sock monkey, and this stripy dude might be the most colorful around. As you might imagine, he’s got a posse of equally adorable pals.

11. Kiko+ Musical Hamburger Set ($27): A burger-shaped castanet? Drumstick French Fries!? These are the makings of the best band ever.

12. Splat Message Board ($9): We think we like this splat memo board because it reminds us of watching contestants get slimed on Double Dare. (Was anything better than Nickelodeon in the ‘90s?).

13. Alphabet Factory Blocks ($70): When did building blocks become the coolest graphic toys ever? These blocks are as chic as they get with sleek black geo prints, textured cutouts, and those fonts!

14. Crystal Grow Kits ($14): Not gonna lie: I bought a crystal grow kit for my desk here at Brit HQ and loved it. I’m sure you will too.

15. Plush Wooly Mammoth ($59): Will someone let us know when they open a Build-A-Mammoth store in the mall? Thanks.

16. Kiko+ Toys Machi London ($41): If you want your youngin’ to get bit by the travel bug early, we suggest tossing with this worldly take on classic toy cars into the playtime mix. Each monument is magnetic, so it will fasten nicely to the chalkboard-scribbled city floor.

17. Mini Porcelain Tea Set ($34): While you’re updating your glassware for the new year, you might as well pick up this posh tea set fit for mini mitts.

18. Fingernail Friends at the Zoo ($5): Moms rejoice: your sleepovers can now be polish-free! You might want to celebrate with a panda face accent nail ;)

19. Rainbow Sound Blocks ($36): These building blocks mesmerize in two ways: with their transparent metallic sides, and with the fact that they double as maracas. Sorry we’re not sorry that we’re seemingly obsessed with blocks.

20. Great Big Outdoor Play Ball ($60): WHAT! We can just imaging rolling around Dolores Park in this crazy thing. Just so you non-San Francisco residents know, it wouldn’t turn heads in the slightest.

21. Kiko+ Amechan Bubble Kit ($35): We’re not gonna lie, we might be swooning over the thought of star-shaped bubbles. It’s another great way to add a dash of fantasy to the everyday outdoors.

22. A Teepee to Call Your Own ($159): As much as we love our DIY play-wonderlands, we’d definitely shovel out the dough for this polka dot teepee. Think of it as a relaxing, smartphone-free retreat in your own living room.

23. Wood Toy Slingshot With Pom Poms ($18): Channel your inner Lost Boy with these handmade wooden slingshots. We love that soft pom poms are used as gentle ammo.

24. Wooden Magnet Letters “Playful Patterns” ($20): What an upgrade from our plastic letter hand-me-downs! These posh patterned magnets would fit right in with any modern kitchen appliance…or Easy-Bake Oven.

25. Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set ($37): As far as kid friendly DIY kits go, you pretty much can’t beat making your own kaleidoscope. It’s a far-out project we’d gladly dedicated a weekend to.

Where do you shop for cool kids toys? Are there any items out there that we missed? What modern play things are you kids going ga-ga for right now? Tell us in the comments below.