Whether you’re trying to encourage the creative bug in your little ones, looking for something to keep the whole family entertained on a long road trip, or just looking for an app to stimulate your right brain while you’re bored, technology is here to help. We’ve checked out all the latest and greatest creative apps for iPad, Android and iOS, and found 10 favorites that are sure to help you get your creative juices flowing!

1. Foldify ($3.99 on iOS): Create foldable, origami-like projects, then see them come to life! The app lets you design figures which you can then print and turn into 3D foldables — from cars to penguins to people! We think this would be a great way to have your little ones make small gifts for family members — what grandparent wouldn’t love a 3D version of your kid on their desk?

2. Let’s Learn How to Draw (Free on iOS): Featuring easy-to-complete tutorials for drawing different figures, this app will definitely help children (and artistically challenged adults!) learn the basics of drawing in a fun and risk-free environment. Just start over if you mess up!

3. Learn to Draw (Free on Android): Similar to the previous app, but for Android, this one lets you search the database for what you want to draw. Instead of providing step-by-step instructions, you’re encouraged to learn by tracing the figures on screen.

4. Cobypic ($0.99 on iOS): This might be the ultimate way to play I Spy. You’re provided with pictures (like the non-colored kind in coloring books), but instead of coloring in with a palette of simple colors, you’re encouraged to fill it in with the colors around you. Take a picture of a beautiful blue sky and use it as your background, or make the character wear the same red shirt that you are! We’re loving that this encourages you to be resourceful with your surroundings to create a truly unique picture.

5. Drawing Pad ($1.99 on iOS): Don’t have a sketchbook and crayons on you to provide your children with to amuse them in the waiting room? This is the next best thing. In addition to being a simple drawing interface with lots of tools to choose from, it lets you import photo backgrounds, play around with stickers, and save your masterpieces.

6. Color & Draw ($1.99 on Android): A coloring book and sketchpad in one, this is great for all ages. Pick a picture you want to color in or start from scratch and get your creative juices flowing!

7. Doodle Yoodle ($0.99 on iOS): This is essentially the techie version of a sticker book and it’s awesome. It encourages creativity while still being easy enough for even really little kids to use — and fun enough for big kids and even grownups to get in on!

8. DK Kids’ Crafts ($6.99 on iOS): Definitely on the pricey side for an app, but well worth it as it’s incredibly well designed. You can learn to cross-stitch within the app, or get project tutorials for offline crafting. We love the digital + analog combo! This app is pretty, interactive and sure to keep everyone entertained on those rainy days.

9. Coloring Smart ($2.99): Who doesn’t love Color-By-Number? This app combines that fun activity with a little bit of math to help engage your right and left brain together. Complete the math problem to find the right color and get going! We love that this makes learning fun for kids and helps adults brush up on their basic math skills (which we all know we could use!). To make it appropriate for different ages, there’s also the option to play straight up Color-By-Numbers or have the colors indicated by shapes, so all can definitely enjoy!

10. Craft-A-Day Summer ($2.99 on iOS): This one helps encourage analog making by providing enjoyable and simple projects everyday. We like that this could help promote family bonding by getting everyone together and creating something once a day. There’s also a Winter and Spring version, so you can keep exploring all year long!

How do you get your kids to embrace their creativity? Are there other apps we need to check out? Let us know in the comments below.