32 Cool Gifts for Cocktail Lovers
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32 Cool Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

The holidays mean cocktail parties, extended happy hours and plenty of excuses for festive beverages. For the cocktail enthusiast in your life, we’re sharing our list of incredible gifts within every budget, guaranteed to match any style. From swizzle sticks and cocktail napkins that add flair to mixers and infusions for some added flavor, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to stay long after the gifts are opened to toast to the products in this gift guide.

1. Custom Drink Stirrers ($30): Every good cocktail deserves a snazzy swizzle stick, and every bartender deserves a custom set.

2. Bartender’s Roll ($160): Sleek and sturdy, this bartender’s roll has flexible storage to keep an assortment of tools in place. From jiggers and muddlers to boards and bitters, this roll is the perfect sidekick for any serious cocktail slinger.

3. Rolling Cart Table ($280): If you really want to go all out for the cocktail enthusiast in your life, splurge on this sleek bar cart with Scandinavian flair.

4. Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool ($40): If your bartender friend prefers to carry their mixing tools discretely, this is the perfect tool. The all-in-one drink-making gadget features everything you need for happy hour.

5. Bourbon Cocktail Cherries ($16): Move over, maraschinos. These buzzed cherries are picked at peak freshness in Oregon and steeped in Kentucky bourbon to add serious flare to any whiskey cocktail.

6. Whiskey Rocks ($25): Once you’ve got everything to make the perfect whiskey cocktail, you’ll need these soapstone rocks to keep your drink cold without diluting it. Hint: They can also be heated to keep cider warm.

7. King Cube Ice Tray ($9-17): Truly the king of all ice cube molds, the block that comes out of this tray is sleek and slow melting. They’re great for freezing herbs or citrus into the ice as well.

8. Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier ($33): As much as we love a good cocktail, we hate a bad hangover. Give the gift of feeling top notch with this set of fortifiers sure to keep the headache away.

9. Mojito Kit ($50): A mojito is one of the most refreshing drinks on the cocktail list, so any bartender would love to have a basic kit to make the specialty drink. A simple bag comes stocked with a muddler and juicer to make the perfect sip.

10. Cocktail Bitters Set ($44): There’s no question: A quality bitter sets the tone for a tasty drink. This set of six opens the doors to the creation of  exciting mixed beverages.

11. Rosy-Cheeked Coupes ($68): The price may be steep, but the smile these rose-colored glasses will bring to the face of a friend is so worth it.

12. Gold-Plated Hawthorne Strainer ($42): While there are more practical strainers out there, why not go all out and get the cocktail lover in your life this breathtaking gold-plated strainer to make immaculate drinks in style?

13. Customized Muddler ($18): A serious barman needs a serious muddler. The tool turns fresh herbs and produce into cocktail magic. Having one emblazoned with your initials shows you mean business.

14. Cocktail Herb Garden ($5): To keep your kitchen stocked with the fresh herbs you need to make expertly mixed drinks, this countertop herb garden is a must. Now if only you could grow your own gin.

15. The Drunken Botanist ($15): Speaking of growing your own gin, this intriguing book goes back in time to shed light on the plants that make your favorite varieties of booze.

16. Cocktail Time Coasters ($24): When the clock hits cocktail time, you’ll be glad you gifted this fun coaster set to make even the simplest drink feel festive.

17. Jigger Measuring Beaker ($4): Precision is important in the art of bartending, and this calibrated measuring tool fits the bill.

18. Boston Rocks Glasses ($25): Attention, Boston fans! These one-of-a-kind glasses are etched with the city map of Beantown, complete with major landmarks.

19. Jolly Brit Mixer ($14): This rum mixer is sure to start your holiday party off on the right foot. Bursting with refreshing cinnamon and fruit juices, it’s the ultimate addition to the most festive drink.

20. Stirrer Spoon ($10): Save the regular spoons for ice cream and pudding — a real cocktail requires a stirrer spoon. This one is a clear winner with its unique buffalo bone handle.

21. Cocktail Ring ($110): Your cocktail lover needs the bling to match their enthusiasm for happy hour, and this one is a total knockout.

22. Owl’s Brew Mixer ($25): This gift set of Owl’s Brew includes three top tea cocktail mixers, which provide a tasty tea base to add to your favorite liquor.

23. Pitcher Protector ($38): For the cocktail enthusiast who’s always on the go, get this bag for hauling a pitcher and bar supplies so they’ll never risk broken glass again.

24. Silver Street Coasters ($30): Once the drinks are poured, they’ll need something to set them on. These coasters are as beautiful as they are functional, and each one in the set of four comes engraved with a special message.

25. Spherical Ice Tray Set ($18): The ice made with these spherical molds makes even the most basic cocktail stand out.

26. Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit ($13): Aged booze can be expensive, but this little kit allows you to get barrel-aged flavor at home on the cheap. The barrel stave insert gives your favorite cocktail American oak flavor.

27. Cobalt Half Moon Linen Napkin Set ($30): The cobalt hue and precious half moon shapes on these handmade cocktail napkins are sure to impress every cocktail lover on your list.

28. The Instant Expert, Whiskey ($17): Friends who like to show off will especially appreciate this gift, which will turn them into a whiskey expert.

29. Moscow Mule Cocktail Set ($99): Give your amateur bartender friend everything he or she needs to make and serve the perfect Moscow Mule. The set comes with a recipe card, ginger syrup, a shaker and jigger for mixing and classic copper mugs for serving. OR, scoop up this Moscow Mule Set for $68.

30. Gin Flight (Varies): A serious cocktail lover enjoys experimenting with flavors. Encourage creativity with this flight of three top-notch gins.

31. Vintage Cocktails ($34): Vintage cocktails are making a comeback, so make an investment in this snazzy book that details how to make way-back beverages. Even if it’s never cracked open (who are we kidding, we’re ready to start reading TODAY), it will look gorgeous on a coffee table.

32. Single Prong Ice Pick ($17): It’s an underrated bar tool, but no one wants to start cocktail hour with a frozen hand from chipping away at a block of ice.

What’s the cocktail product you can’t live without? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!