I am not ashamed to admit that I am a homebody. Nine out of ten times I will choose staying in over going out. I love cooking and baking and I have so much fun staying home with close friends. In fact, when I was in college, many of my friends were fellow art majors and our favorite activity to do together was gathering in a room with popcorn and a movie, each of us working on personal art projects. I miss those days a lot, and I still host craft and movie slumber parties at my house every now and then.

Ever since Brit + Co launched our line of DIY Kits at Target (available in nearly all Target stores and on Target.com, woo!), I’ve been itching *so* hard to host another craft night/slumber party! The toughest part about hosting a DIY adult slumbie is that many people feel pressured to come up with a project. Now, we have the perfect solution: Present your guests with DIY kits! Keep reading for more slumber party essentials.

Bar carts are amazing for slumber parties. Fill one up with snacks, drinks, treats, and of course, with Brit + Co DIY Kits! For this slumber party, we loaded up on a Learn to Embroider Kit ($20), a DIY Calligraphy Kit ($20), a Chalk Lettered Wall Art Kit ($20), and a Faux Leather Stamping Kit ($25).

Next, it’s totally necessary to create a comfy zone in your place. Pile floor cushions around your living room and bring out all your blankets to create the coziest atmosphere.

A slumbie is not complete without the perfect snacks and drinks. We wanted to set out a mix of throwback snacks (AKA cookies and candy) that you would have had during your childhood slumbie days and grown-up snacks. We set out a cheese platter, berries, popcorn, and plenty of sweets. Drinks included rosé, of course.

Snacks, crafts and friends… what else do you need?

Sarah and Sacha decided to start with the DIY Calligraphy Kit ($20) and the Faux Leather Stamping Kit ($25). Good choices, I say.

Craft so hard.

Friends who craft together, stay together.

Will you be picking up any Brit + Co Kits during your next Target run? Let us know on Twitter at @britandco AND share your fave items using the hashtag #BritxTarget across your social media channels!