There’s something about sheets hanging from the ceiling that just screams cozy night in. So, this Valentine’s Day create a cozy abode to spend countless hours watching netflix and sipping on tea (or cocktails). We’ll show you the basics to creating a canopy tent of your own.


– two top sheets — we used California King–sized

– hula hoop

– safety pins

– fishing line

– firefly lights

– tons of blankets!

– tons of pillows!


First step, pick your favorite spot in the house to set up your cozy oasis. Grab that old hula hoop and your largest set of sheets and let’s begin crafting our fort.


Fold the top edge over the hula hoop and pin together.


Tie three equal-length strands of fishing line to the hula hoop. Spread them out so the hoop sits flat. Then tie to the ceiling. We were lucky enough to have a sturdy pipe to attach our canopy to. If you aren’t so lucky, try using nails or different kinds of Command Strips that are designed for Christmas lights.


Firefly lights are our new favorite obsession. They’re delicate and sparkle beautifully. Deck out your fort with tons and tons of mood-setting lights.


Use pieces of furniture to pull the sheets in different directions. We also tacked our sheets to the surrounding walls to create more space under the canopy.


Grab all your largest poofs and bins help spread out the sheets of the canopy.


Time to get cozy. Grab every single quilt and blanket you can find.


Use blankets to hide the fact you used random furniture to set up your tent.


Then add the rest of the blankets to the floor to snuggle in.


Grab all of the pillows in your house + all the pillows in your neighbor’s house.


Set them up to experience ULTIMATE comfort.


Alright, this is the place to be.


After you’ve created your perfect comfy oasis, grab snacks and drinks!


Hugs and kisses all around! Check out the tutorial here.


These pillows are PERFECT for Valentine’s Day. XOXO. In need of more great pillows? Check out the B+C Shop.


On a budget? Make your own special pillows. You can check out the tutorial for our Live Creatively pillow in our new book Homemakers. Pre-order it today and get awesome gifts in return!


If you haven’t been exposed to firefly lights, you need to buy some right now. They’re LED lights on wire, which you can bend and form into any shape. They’re pretty amazing and a mood-setting must!


All set up and ready for a night in. Just you and the gals for V-Day. No problem! We suggest a movie marathon of 27 Dresses and Sleepless in Seattle.


We’re all about that Galentine’s, but SF guys, if you’re out there reading this — HMU.

Have you ever created a fort inside your house? What were your must haves? Let us know in the comments below!