We are sliding into the tax season home stretch. Whether you’re still adding up your deductions or you just want to get organized for next year, here are a few of our favorite IKEA items that will make your home office a little brighter and won’t make your accountant cringe. While we’re certainly not suggesting that star paperclips and cute file holders will take your tax pain away, we’re just saying… it sure can’t hurt. Plus, if you’re a freelancer, your office purchases can be factored into next year’s deductions, so you’re basically saving money by making your office space a little more functional. It’s the definition of a win-win.

1. HEJSAN Magazine File ($4): This bright poppy magazine holder is the perfect place to stash those unsightly papers. The little punch of color feels a bit like confetti, so maybe you can trick yourself into thinking it holds something more exciting than last year’s receipts.

2. ARÖD Work Lamp ($40): Even though you promise yourself that you’ll get it all done first thing on Saturday, the next thing you know, it’s pitch black at 11pm on April 14. This light will keep you company.

3. KVISSLE Cable Management Box ($10): There’s nothing quite as unattractive as a tangle of cords, so while you’re procrastinating, you might as well do something useful, like organize that mess of cables on your desk.

4. SÄRSKILD Notebook ($4): Whether you’re figuring out your deductions or trying to stick to a budget, these notebooks are there for you when you just need to put pen to paper.

5. IKEA PS 2014 Secretary ($189): Here’s the perfect desk for those of us who can’t seem to escape clutter. You can be as messy as you want, and then at the end of the day just shove everything away, push up the top and wait until morning to deal with it again.

6. IKEA PS 2014 Wall Rail ($26): If you have trouble keeping your desk clear, maybe you need to utilize the wall space. This rack provides a little additional help to keep your surfaces clean. Light wood and bright colors? We love it.

7. VÄLBEKANT Paper clips ($4): As our accountant likes to say, it’s all in the details. These paper clips are perfect for keeping it all together.

8. VÄLBEKANT Self-Stick Notes ($1): Let’s be real: “Sign here” feels so much better when it’s written on a cloud-shaped sticky note!

9. BYLLAN Laptop Support ($15): This was made for those of us who enjoy working from the sofa (#guilty) — preferably while watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

10. NIPPRIG 2015 Storage Box ($17): A closed-lid storage box is sometimes what you need to corral everything. Sure, it would be nice to have all your records filed perfectly, but at least it can look pretty while you wait for filing day.

So tell us! Are you expecting a nice refund or sad tax bill?