Unlike some of her past relationships, Taylor has kept things with Calvin Harris pretty much on the DL since they became an item. However, it looks as though she might finally be getting more comfortable with sharing some of their more intimate moments with fans. When the two celebrated their one year anniversary, Taylor took to Instagram to show off the adorable heart-shaped locket he gifted her. And now the pop star has taken to social media yet again to share an inside look at their first official vacation together.

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Both Taylor and Calvin have just recently shared a whole collection of seriously adorable photos of the two of them hanging out in what appears to be the epitome of tropical paradise. Are they in Hawaii? Fiji? The Bahamas? In the words of Gossip Girl, we’re guessing that’s a secret they’ll never tell.

Taylor even went so far as to share their initials scribbled in the sand (Calvin Harris’ real name is Adam Wiles, FYI). Side note: Does this mean Taylor calls Calvin “Adam” when they’re alone?!

These photos are super cute and all but we’re just going to leave you with one thing to think about: who’s the lucky person who TOOK them?

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