Taylor Swift鈥檚 fans have a knack for digging through the Easter eggs the star leaves for them. Whether it鈥檚 the subtle jab she took at former friend Katy Perry in the liner notes for her album 1989 or the way she weaves her favorite number through her Instagram account, they know that whatever Tay is sharing, it鈥檚 more than meets the eye.

It鈥檚 for this very reason that some believe they know what the theme of her yet-to-be announced album will be.

Thanks to a Swift fan Twitter account, Swifties have begun to connect the dots that 鈥渢ime鈥 might be the theme of either Swift鈥檚 next album, or, at the very least, her first single. What do they have to go on? A series of some rather far-reaching posts from Swift or her associates.

Taylor Swift _ 2017

The first piece of 鈥渆vidence鈥 comes from music exec Scott Borchetta, who tweeted a photo of a clock along with the caption, 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 recycle wasted time, SO DON鈥橳 DO IT!鈥 Borchetta is the founder of the label Big Machine, and he also just so happens to have discovered Swift and help launch her career.

The next 鈥渃lue鈥 comes from Swift herself 鈥 more specifically, it鈥檚 her recent Instagram post giving it up to sister act Haim.

Both the single鈥檚 title, 鈥淲ant you back,鈥 and Swift鈥檚 caption, 鈥淥N. REPEAT. TIL. THE. END. OF. TIIIIIIIIME!!!!鈥 have fans speculating that the passing of time post breakup has something to do with her new music.

While it鈥檚 only speculation at this point, it鈥檚 safe to say that any new Swift music will be welcomed by fans 鈥 we鈥檝e missed you, Tay!

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)