Autumn has a few givens: The leaves will fall (and we will jump in them), wine will be mulled (and we will drink it), and come Thanksgiving, there will be turkey (or tofurkey) on the table (and we will eat it). But what will your mani be? Get savvy with this season’s best nail art, from impossibly adorable gobblers to incredibly head-turning gradients as colorful as the changing leaves. Check out 18 of our favorite festive nail art designs below.

1. Gobble ‘Til You Wobble: If you look forward to Thanksgiving all year long, what better way to get in the festive spirit than with a turkey right at your fingertips?

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Autumnal abstract 🍁

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2. Fall Foliage: If a fleshed-out turkey isn’t quite your style, perhaps the changing leaves are. Instead of painting your nails with detailed foliage, try swiping on a few seasonally inspired strokes for a modern mani fit for festivities.

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3. Feelin’ Foxy: Pumpkins aren’t the only thing that scream Thanksgiving; leaves, foxes, and chillier weather do too. And, since foxes happen to be the same color as everyone’s favorite gourd, it’s a mani match made in heaven.

4. Fairy Godmother-Approved: Take it from Cinderella (and her fairy godmother), there’s something so beautiful in simplicity. Instead of dousing your nails in color, try going nude and detailing your tips for a subtle seasonal look that appears fresh out of a fairytale.

5. Seasonal Slay: Just because you don’t love over-the-top manicures doesn’t mean you can’t still get in on the Thanksgiving nail art trend. Take this matte mani for example. The flat jewel tones pair perfectly with a touch of gold foil to make for an appropriate festive fall nail look.

6. Falling for Autumn: Embrace the beauty of falling leaves without getting caught in the cold? Yes, please.

7. Corny but Cute: Pumpkins aren’t the only plant to make a debut during Thanksgiving, which means there’s no time like the present to get a little corny with your nail art ideas.

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I mean how could we not?

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8. A Touch of Glitter: Combine matte, gloss, and glitter nails for a dreamy manicure that’s sure to turn heads.

9. Maple Leaves: These sparkly maple leaves set such a cozy fall scene.

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Fall nails can still be bright! 🎃

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10. Pumpkin Patch: Here’s a design that will last you from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving.

11. Graphic Decals: You don’t need to be a pro to rock next-level nails. Add Thanksgiving-themed decals to an orange mani and you’re good to go!

12. Glitzy Holiday: Celebrate Thanksgiving with seasonal foliage, jewel tones, and (of course) lots of glitter.

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How cute are these little foxes?!

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13. Festive Fox: Craft a cute take on the negative space nail art trend with these foxy nudes.

14. Juxtaposed Jewel Tones: Instead of choosing just one shade, have fun with the whole palette to get in on the season’s top nail trend of mismatched nails.

15. Outdoor Feels: Savor this special time of year: The crisp dusk sky, crunchy leaves, and chilly weather scream Thanksgiving.

16. Set the Scene: Create a mini ode to Thanksgiving on your nails, complete with leaves, feathers, and even a turkey.

17. Small Slice: Not much of a design gal? Make a nod to your favorite holiday dessert with this minimalist pumpkin pie-inspired mani.

18. Garnet and Leaves: Add leaves on top of an ombre garnet manicure for an instantly festive appeal.

What’s your go-to Thanksgiving nail design? Show us on Instagram.

Originally published on November 6, 2014