15 Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs You Can Wear All Fall Long
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15 Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs You Can Wear All Fall Long

Fall has a few givens: the leaves will fall (and we will jump in them), wine will be mulled and come Thanksgiving, there will be turkey (or tofurkey!) on the table. But what will you be wearing on your nails? Get savvy with this season’s best nail art, from impossibly cute gobblers to incredibly chic gradients as colorful as the changing leaves. Check out our favorite 15 DIY nail art designs below that you can wear all fall long.

1. Maple Leaves: Maple leaves and glittery teepees from one of our fave Bay Area nail artists set such a cozy fall scene. (via @SFPartyNails)

2. Pumpkin Patch: Here’s a design that will last you from Halloween allll the way to Thanksgiving. After all, it is decorative gourd season! (via Fashion Lady)


3. Ombre Glitter Fall Colors: Did you ever think you’d be swooning so hard over a neutral mani? The range from tan to black is really punched up by the gorgeous orange- and gold-flecked polish. (via ILoveNP on Etsy)

4. Turkey Tips: We had to bring back this adorable turkey nail art design back for an encore this year. You can hardly blame us — how adorable is this feathery friend? (via Fashion Lady)

5. Autumn Sparkles: Get all the greens and oranges and golds of autumn in one glittery bottle.  What’s even more enticing? Buying a bottle supports nail polish artisans — this vegan lacquer ($5) is handmade in Canada. (via IndiePolish on Etsy)

6. Neon Foliage: We’ve never seen leaves turn this orange before! Make some magic happen with this mani. (via Fall In… Nail Love)

7. Pilgrim  Minions: We guarantee that if you paint minions on your nails, you will be very popular among your little nieces and nephews. (via Ink 361)

8. Fall Gradient: Red, orange and gold glitter scatters from the nail beds like fall leaves — if only leaves were this sparkly! (via Nailpolis)

9. Autumn Tree: Loath putting your summer colors away? Try using a cheery color like coral as a base for painting on a fall tree. The results are surprisingly gorgeous. (via Icono Square)

10. Graphic Pattern: Here’s another case where a summery color like hot pink can slip into your fall mani like that. We love the way it makes this graphic tan, white and orange mani pop. (via Party Nails)

11. Fall Chevron: We’ve got it on our tote bags and our phone cases, so why not put chevron on our nails, too? Keep it seasonal with a very fall palette of true orange, burgandy and olive. (via Cosmopolitan)

12. Burnt Orange Glitter: This polish totally reminds us of cozy fires and chunky scarves, and how gorgeous this would look against an early Thanksgiving snow. (via The Happy Sloths)

13. Graphic Leaves: Take polka dots to the next level by turning them into tumbling leaves. It’s way easy with a detailing brush at hand to drag the leaves and stems to perfect points. (via Divine Caroline)

14. Fall Gradient: Meet the chicer version of candy corn nails: a shimmery fall gradient of gold, orange and olive. (via XO Noelle)

15. Thanksgiving Potluck: Maybe you can’t decide which design you like best, so why not mix it up? After all, you have ten whole fingers to work with ;) (via Ink 361)

What’s your go-to Thanksgiving nail design? Tell us in the comments below!