Our top secret to getting the best fitness results is simple but incredibly powerful — community! With a group of girlfriends by your side, you can achieve anything. You’ll be more motivated, feel more supported, and challenge yourself to achieve your dreams.

Multiple studies show that people who belong to a fitness community exercise more and achieve lasting results. Plus, a 2016 University of California, Irvine study revealed that belonging to a fitness network can boost your self-esteem and overall happiness.

We’re making it super simple to jump right in and grab your fit squad with these tips!

1. Join the Studio! Community has always been at the heart of everything we do at Tone It Up, and now we’re so excited to introduce your Studio Tone It Up app. Studio Tone It Up is a space where women can come together, take fitness classes, connect before and after class, hold each other accountable, and cheer each other on. You can work out with your girlfriends anytime, anywhere and make so many new friends too! Download the app HERE!

2. Make workout dates. You’re more likely to exercise if you have a sweat sesh planned with a girlfriend. Put it in your calendar and treat it just like you would a business meeting or happy hour — you’d never miss those! Every Sunday, Katrina and I sign up for yoga, barre, and strength training classes in Studio Tone It Up and we do them together even when we’re traveling. If one of us is feeling tired or too busy, we encourage each other and make sure we both make it.

3. Up your Insta game. Research shows that people who actively participated in a social media network went to more exercise classes and drastically improved their fitness levels over a 13-week period. Whenever we need motivation to work out, we scroll through #TIUteam check-ins to see all the strong, beautiful women in the community. We also recommend having an Instagram account dedicated to your health journey. This will inspire you and hold you accountable to your goals!

Join us in the Studio Tone It Up app and start your seven-day free trial HERE! Our doors are open 24/7!

How do you keep motivated in your health goals? Share your tips with us @BritandCo and @ToneItUp!

(Photos via Tone It Up)