We’re currently re-decorating our meeting room here at Brit + Co., and as such, have had tables on the mind. While researching, we ran across so many cool and creative tables that we couldn’t help but share them here. The following can be used as conference tables, dining tables, craft tables, or a combination of them all! Which do you love most? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Ping Pong Conference Table ($2400)

You may remember that we wrote about this bad boy a few days ago and basically, we still can’t get over how rad it is. Doing double duty, you can use it as meeting space during the day and a gaming space for after hours. We are still trying to stomach the price but are completely obsessed.

2. Walnut and Grass ($TBD)

A perfect table for farmers, gardeners, and eco lovers alike, this table was designed by Emily Wettstein and features a full planter embedded into its walnut center. You can email Emily to inquire about the cost (let us know if you find out, we’re curious!). While we think it’s awesome for adding some greenery and oxygen to your workspace, just make sure your dog doesn’t get trained to think it’s his new litter box.

3. Wristwatch Table ($50,000+)

Tighten your seat belts, this one is a bit crazy both in form and cost! It’s a table in the shape of a wrist watch that actually functions. I know, so cool, huh? Even better, each strap link doubles as small doors for storage. Now that is functional design. But $50k for one? Hmmm, we’ll pass this time around.

4. DIY Picnic Table with Rollers

How genius is this!? While this table isn’t for sale, it’s an amazing DIY inspiration. Just take any old picnic table, paint it in a bold hue, and then add wheels to the bottom so that it can easily be moved around your home or office. This is a great idea if you’re the type of person who gets bored with your interior decor layouts frequently or if you constantly need to move things around to make more space when you have people over.

5. Swing Table ($9,000)

We bow down to the designer who thought of this. Why not add a little childhood whimsical fun to your gatherings? I wonder if people would be able to stay still during the discussion or if they’d distract the conversation by moving around too much. Regardless, it’s hot and we’re digging it.

6. Yacht Table ($TBD)

A table for holding your meals or meetings outdoors, this one is constructed with a built-in sun-roof and uses forms, angles, and materials you might see on an actual yacht. Perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a roof to shield them from the sun.

7. DIY LEGO Conference Table

Whether it’s a LEGO spoon or a LEGO camera, these classic clickable construction parts always catch our eye. This table, in particular, is a hard one to miss. It consists of 22,742 pieces clicked together with traditional LEGO construction techniques (no glue) and sits on a polished stainless steel square hollow section structure. It is also topped with a 10mm sheet of toughened glass. What we really want to know is: how long did it take to put together? Any guesses?

8. Barn Door Table ($2,500)

This table is made from old barn doors and miscellaneous vintage hardware. Both doors open with pocket and tray storage under one side. We love the character of this one and the surprising amount of storage underneath. Plus, it’s handmade by an Etsy crafter — win!

9. Fusiontables Steel Coated Pool Table ($8,000)

Similar to the ping pong table, this table’s top removes to display an entire pool table setup underneath. Because 2-in-1 is always better than 1-in-1, right? ;)

10. Custom Designed Glass Tables ($Unknown)

Made for Facebook’s developer conference, f8, this table’s compelling design was printed onto a glass top. We love the customization options of a project like this and encourage you to try it for yourself. Services like GlassPix will help you print your designs onto any type of glass you’d like. What would you print on your table?

Have you seen other creative tables that we should feature on Brit + Co? If so, let us know in the comments below or shoot us a link or pic on Twitter!