We’re all about playing with our food, and doing so efficiently, creatively, and kookily. When we came across pen caps that happen to be utensils, we decided to search the web for other quirky cousins. Here are 8 such utensil sets, including forks that double as candle holders!

1. Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set ($9): Working at your desk and can’t imagine taking your hands off your pen? Turn it into a knife, fork or spoon easily with these adorable utensils.

2. Pocket Knife Cutlery ($16): Another item that’s perfect for keeping in your purse, this is pretty much the Swiss Army knife of pocket utensils.

3. ForkChops 3-in-1 ($6): Speaking of new takes on the chopstick, this 3-in-1 set is pretty genius. Chopsticks on one end and a fork and knife on the other!

4. Heart Utensils ($6): We’ve written about these before, but they are oh-so-sweet! Great for a cocktail party or rehearsal dinner.

5. Finger Sporks ($5): Perfect for a finger food cocktail hour or kid’s birthday party, these finger sporks also happen to be really handy.

6. Light Bites Candle Forks ($7): We love blowing out candles, but we really love eating cake. These adorable forks let you do both, and with very little mess. Pretty silly but a great way to bring a little pizzazz to that next store-bought cake.

7. Party People Chopsticks ($11): Still can’t quite manage a pair of chopsticks? Try this set of chopsticks training wheels. They may not make your form any better but you’ll definitely get your food.

8. Snack and Stack ($14): Last, we’ve got a little lego action. This set of snack and stack utensils features silicone handles with lego-like attachments so you can snap them into place.

What innovative cutlery have you seen on kitchen tables, at restaurants, or online? Leave us links in the comments below – and be sure to let us know your favorites from the list above!