Who says you can’t have a little play with your work? Not the folks at Poppin, that’s for sure.

All about products that make work happier, Poppin has a whole suite of colorful, modern pieces that add a bit of charm and color to your workspace. This epic ping pong conference table is like the ultimate piece of office flair. I mean, let’s be honest. This goes way beyond flair.

At $2,400 per table, this is definitely an investment. It’s pretty perfect for startups who plan on having many an all-nighter and need occasional ping pong breaks. Plus, just imagine the happy hours this table could bring!

The central panel of the table switches out for ping-pong net-support or hide-away power and cable management. Fun and smart? We’re in. And we love the table’s tagline: Give your meetings some real spin.

What do you think of the ping pong conference table? Is it awesome, useful, or just novel? Talk to us in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter.

P.S. Hey Poppin, need anyone to try the table out in San Francisco? We would be more than happy to put it to the test ;)