In today’s digital world, everyone is a photographer. Whether you snap pics from your smart phone or your fancy DSLR, we live in a world that is just one click away from being captured for a lifetime. We love stores like Adorama, Photojojo, and ThinkGeek for finding all sorts of odds and ends perfect for shutterbugs from amateur to pro. That’s why we’ve rounded up all of the must have accessories for today’s modern photographer. Say cheese! ;)

1. Photography Patch ($1): For your inner boy or girl scout, wear your love of photography right on your sleeve, bag, or scarf.

2. Wire Line Photo Display ($8): A simple and easy way to display your most recent fave photos. Clip them up, rotate them out, and strut your best work! Or rig a quick DIY version using clothespins and string, darkroom style.

3. 28 Camera Drawings ($60 unframed, $185 framed): We love this playful illustration of 28 super colorful vintage cameras.

4. USB Film Roll ($20): Miss the days of film canisters sitting in a drawer waiting to be developed? Store your fave photos on this fun USB film roll, or buy a whole bunch and use them as backup drives with a different roll for each event you shoot.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini ($84): Want your photos now?! Pick up this mini retro camera to shoot and share photos in a snap! Plus, it includes a mounted mirror so you can still take all those fun self portraits.

6. The Polaroid PoGo Instant Printer ($210): Print your photos on the go with this printer and be one step ahead of the game!

7. The Camera Strap Tee ($20): What’s the best way to show your camera love? On your t-shirt, duh. Better make it awesome and retro while you’re at it.

8. Lenses for iPhone ($49): Hate it when you can’t get the whole scene in your iPhone? Or when you can’t get close enough?! Use these different lenses to accessorize your iPhone and help you snap that winning photo.

9. Modern Camera Purse ($87): The hideous black camera bag is out and this new colorful purse is in! It protects your DSLR and lenses and still gives you room for those everyday items you need to carry around. Carry your camera in style, ladies!

10. Photo Props Kit ($15): Feeling silly? Pull out this photo props kit and take some hilarious pics. Don’t forget to share them with us here at Brit HQ!

11. Tiltpod Camera Stabilizer ($15): Still have a great digital camera that you can’t give up? We totally get it. It’s easy and it’s comfortable. Do yourself a favor and get this mini tripod to make those hard to snap photos even easier.

12. Multi-Lens Action Sampler ($35): Sometimes one photo just isn’t enough. This photobooth style 35 mm film camera is great for a day at the beach, at an amusement park, or simply a day of exploring a new city.

13. Camera Lens Coffee Mug ($17): Nothing starts a day of shooting better than a large cup of coffee. so it only makes sense that you drink it out of a cup that’s made to look like a classic Canon lens. And no, we do not recommend DIYing this unless your old lens is truly unfixable.

14. The iPhone Lens and Tripod ($34): Wanna kick up your iPhone photo skillz to the next level? First use our tutorial on how to create your own camera phone filters, then add in the lens and tripod, and you’re good to go! Click.

15. The Lego Camera ($45): “Buildable, but not breakable” as ThinkGeek says. Build up your camera and build up your confidence as a photographer. Great for kids!

16. Photo-opoly ($30): Put all your friends to shame with your photo knowledge when you beat them in Photo-opoly. Also, collect $200 when you pass go.

17. Camera Pillow ($42): Taking such hip and creative photos is hard work. Rest your head on this fun camera pillow when you need a quick nap!

18. Vintage Camera iPad Sleeve ($46): Protect your iPad in this lovely gray case featuring a white vintage camera print. You’ll be too cool for photo school.

19. “I Shoot People” Bracelet ($39): Say it like you mean it and show the world with this awesome (and scary?) bracelet. Bonus, it’s also great for custom white balance.

20. Fashionista Camera Strap ($20): Say goodbye to that boring black camera strap and hello to this classy and colorful addition to your camera wardrobe. You’re in style, so why should your camera drag you down?

How do you show your love of all things photography-related? We’d love to check out your favorite shutterbug tools and wearables. Tweet at us!

Sada Lewis is a professional photographer and DIY expert. Check out more of her projects on her personal blog, Casa de Lewis and her photography website, Sada Lewis Photography.