The 10 Shows and Movies to Stream This Weekend
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The 10 Shows and Movies to Stream This Weekend

Well, you guys, we’ve got some bad news: If you count Labor Day as the last weekend of summer, this is our second to last weekend of the season. You may be tempted to run outside, hike every single trail you see and try your best to soak up every single second of summer. However, we’re here to let you know that you can soak up the last of summer and still be as lazy as you were all season: Just project your movies and shows outside. It may take a bit of finagling, but we can assure you that it is worth it. So string up a sheet, invest in a projector and stream these 10 shows and movies, taking assurance that you’re making the most of summer while kind of doing absolutely nothing.


1. The Hunter on Amazon: If you need to add a bit of action to your summer, consider this Willem Dafoe-led movie about a cultured loner who ends up in the wilds of Tasmania. If nothing else, watch it for the beautiful shots that will definitely trigger your wanderlust. (Photo via Magnolia Pictures)

2. Blue Ruin on Amazon: This thriller follows a mysterious man down a dark path. It’s an interesting story about revenge and just how far a person will go to protect their family. (Photo via Film Science)


3. Blue Is the Warmest Color on Netflix and Amazon: The movie took over the Cannes film fest a few years back for its scandalous portrayal of a young girl exploring her sexuality. It’s been lauded for its frankness and already added to the all-important Criterion Collection for its touching story and beautiful cinematography. (Photo via France 2 Cinema)

4. The Danish Girl on HBO: If you missed this one before the Oscars this year, it’s finally on HBO, so you can stream it to your heart’s content. Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander give beautiful performances as husband and wife who become one of the first families to experience gender reassignment surgery. (Photo via Focus Features)


5. Young & Beautiful on Hulu and Amazon: The French can make anything chic — even a film about a 17-year-old secret call girl. The film is beautiful to look at, charming and seductive in that uniquely French way. (Photo via Mandarin Films)

6. Catfish on Hulu: The newest season of Catfish brings back Nev and Max to help people figure out if their online love is the real deal. It’s a guilty pleasure you don’t even need to feel the slightest bit guilty about. (Photo via MTV)


7. Septembers of Shiraz on Netflix: Starring Adrien Brody and Salma Hayek, this modern portrayal of post-revolution Iran is eye-opening and a thrilling reminder of just how many different stories there are on the planet. (Photos via Septembers of Shiraz Film)

8. The Road on Netflix and Amazon: Fans of the Cormac McCarthy book should check out its post-apocalyptic film adaptation, starring Viggo Mortensen. Just be ready to question a lot of your life at the film’s end; it is very dark. (Photo via 2929 Productions)


9. In the Heart of the Sea on HBO: You may have read Moby Dick in school, but you did not experience the cinematic power of a gigantic movie about the infamous whale. It stars Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy and Ben Whishaw. (Photo via Warner Bros.)

10. Popstar: Never Stop Stopping on Amazon: Attention Andy Samberg fans: The time has now come where you can stream the SNL legend’s latest film. We’ll see you on the other side with tons of new jokes and favorite quotes. (Photo via Lonely Island)

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(Featured photo via Focus Features)