With allergy season in full swing, your puffy eyes, red nose, and swollen face are giving 鈥渉ot mess鈥 a whole new meaning (#sorrynotsorry). But life can鈥檛 stop just because the pollen count is up. Don鈥檛 cancel your plans; instead, follow celeb makeup artist Jamie Greenberg鈥檚 advice on how to fight the dreaded 鈥渁llergy face.鈥

To start: Stock up on the waterproof makeup, baby. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e harder to remove, but they will stay on if you have watery eyes, which is amazing so they鈥檒l look great all day,鈥 Greenberg tells Brit + Co.

The pro, who works with Kaley Cuoco, Anna Faris, and Katie Lowes, teamed up with Jordana Brewster to partner with Zyrtec, to spread her best tips and tricks this spring.

Makeup tricks to fight allergy face

To find out all her techniques for fighting puffiness, watery eyes, and redness, watch the video above!

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