Just like a perfect red lip, red nail polish is such a classic — if you have a quality polish and it’s applied well and paired with the right look, you can’t really go wrong. But in such a congested beauty market, it can be overwhelming (impossible?) to navigate the thousands of options at your fingertips when it comes to finding that *perfect* shade of red polish. That’s until aggregator site Rank & Style released its algorithmically generated list of the best red nail polishes on the market, and it’s basically a foolproof guide to finding a classic crimson-meets-cranberry shade.


The people of the Internet have spoken: The most popular nail polish on Rank & Style’s roundup is OPI’s Big Apple Red ($7). It’s the quintessential red that you probably have in mind when you think about red nail polish — it’s shiny, punchy and doesn’t have any shimmer, so the bold color is all the focus. Butter London’s Ladybird ($15) was next in line, followed by Essie’s Really Red ($9).


Factors that can go into what makes the ideal nail polish can include sheerness, drying time, viscosity and the shape of the brush, but what really matters in the end is the final product — and we all know that painting your nails is easier said than done. You’ll want to ensure a super clean paint job if you’re using a bold color like red, so take the time to go slowly and embrace manicure hacks (there are SO many) if you want to be extra sure you’ll have clean lines. Just make sure you talk with your hands a lot, wave to your fans and find other ways to show off your perfect, punchy red manicure ;)

What is your favorite nail polish color? Do you have a go-to red shade? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(h/t Harper’s Bazaar)