Peeps, it’s the last day of February! And speaking of peeps, it’s almost time to start talking about Easter. Woot! But before we get to bunnies, eggs, and pastels, let’s get rando with it. BritList time!

1. Ben & Jerry’s Cores: Ben and Jerry almost broke the Internet this week when they released a new collection of ice cream called Cores. Our favorite new ice cream name is obviously “That’s My Jam” but anything cookie dough always wins #1 flavor in my book.

2. Dub Box VW Style Trailer: How cool is this? It’s a trailer designed to look like an old school VW bus, but without the terrible gas mileage.

3. Glitter Tie Dye Kit ($12): Um, what? Did we read that right Glitter. Tie. DYE?! Best of all, it’s spray dye which is ridiculously easy to use. Perhaps it’s time for a glittery revamp of our spray dyed scarves?

4. Name Your Own Martian Crater: Naming your own star is so ’90s man. Now, it’s all about naming your own crater on Mars. (image via Technorati)

5. GIFs go Highbrow: More specifically, the reaction GIF. The Museum of the Moving Image has announced a special exhibition on Reaction GIFs next month, and is calling on Redditor’s to crowdsource submissions for this show. We can’t wait to see this canon of GIFs. But for now, we’ll give a hat tip to Wired for including this Thriller GIF in their article announcing this exhibition.

6. Higby: This odd-looking iPhone case is about being more present in the moment. It includes a piece that covers up your phone’s camera and headphones jack, so you aren’t going through your day playlist to playlist, selfie to selfie. It can also be used to hold two phones, so you can avoid distractions when you’re with your S.O.

7. Alphabeard Beardface: Want a seriously custom typeface? Why not shave your beard into every letter of the alphabet and create your own? Or not… ;)

8. Pizza Man: Can MAN survive on pizza alone? This dude says yes, and has been doing just that for 25 years. Plain cheese pizza to be precise — no ifs, ands, or pepperonis about it.

9. Dip Dyed Pillows ($48-$98): And before we get to this BritList’s pièce de résistance, some eye candy straight from the home decor section of Anthropologie.

10. Full House of Cards: Press play, and prepare to get yer creep on. The most haunting part has to be when the Tanner girls are brushing each other’s hair. Evil at its best.

What made you look on the Internet this week? Talk to us in the comments below.