It’s the first day of November and our theme of the week happens to be Oreos, so what else would we make but Oreo Turkey Pops! Yes, these little suckers are darn cute and easy to make, no mixing or baking required. Totally perfect for turkey day!

 – sugar for dusting work surface

– 18 assorted candy fruit slices

– 6 caramel squares

– 1 package Wilton candy melts

– 6 Oreos

– 6 orange mini-M&Ms

– 12 Wilton candy eye balls

– 6 heart sprinkles

 – 6 lollipop sticks

– Wilton disposable pastry bag

– Wilton No. 5 round decorating tip

Gather all of your ingredients.

First, we’ll create our turkey’s tail feathers. Spread 1/2 cup sugar over a cutting board and place one fruit slice in the middle. Using a rolling pin or the heel of your hand, gently flatten until slice is very thin, adding more sugar as necessary to prevent sticking. Repeat with remaining slices.

Layer 3 slices atop one another and stagger to create a tail effect. Use the heel of your hand to gently flatten and secure the slices at the base of the tail (straighter edge). Repeat with remaining slices. Trim excess from bottom to create a straight edge.

Insert lollipop stick from the top of the tail one layer from the back. Gently press to seal between layers. Set aside.

For this darling’s little face, it’s all about caramel. Heat caramels in microwave for 5 to 7 seconds until just softened. Roll into a ball and gently flatten.

To attach the head, we’ll use a bit of melted chocolate as our candy glue. Of course, we need a “glue” dispenser to keep this part tidy. Take a Wilton disposable pastry bag (or Ziploc if you’re feeling scrappy) and use scissors to remove about 3/4 of an inch from the tip. Insert a Wilton round tip, or any other piping tip you’ve got.

Heat candy melts in microwave for 30 second intervals until completely melted. Transfer melted chocolate to decorating bag.

Pipe dots of melted chocolate onto caramel for eyes, nose, and gobble. Attach each facial feature. Repeat with remaining caramels. How cute are those eye sprinkles?!

Insert tip of pastry bag between tail layers and pipe small amounts of chocolate to seal layers.

Pipe a small circle at the base of the tail feathers and attach Oreo body. Stand turkey up and gently press to ensure turkey is properly aligned to sit upright. Lay turkey flat to dry.

Last, we’ve gotta attach the face to the body. Pipe a small circle at the top of the Oreo and attach caramel head. Place turkeys in refrigerator for 15 minutes to let chocolate set.

Remove turkeys from the refrigerator and stand upright. If turkeys are wobbly, pipe melted chocolate along the base and stand upright on wax paper or foil to dry.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving treats? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you make these pops, be sure to send us a pic on Twitter.