Around here, we’re all about the Oreo. Whether we’re looking for an afternoon snack or whipping up a s’moreo, we can’t get enough of this adorable sandwich cookie. That’s why this week is all about the Oreo, and a few of our favorite ways to incorporate it into baked goods, frozen treats, and spiked sweets. To get you in the Oreo mood, here are a dozen Oreo-filled recipes from all over the web.

1. Oreo Cheesecake Muffins: These look like a dream come true. Wonder what other cookies would be good vehicles for mini cheesecakes. (Recipe and photo: Cook 4 Fun)

2. Pumpkin S’moreos: A Thursday snack break invention, these Pumpkin S’moreos are totally addictive and definitely making the rounds on the next camping trip. (Recipe and photo: Brit + Co.)

3. Oreo Mint Crunch Brownies: Crunchy, minty, and filled with Oreos and fudge? Yes please. (Recipe and photo: Top with Cinnamon)

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Oreos: Wait, what?! Yesterday we showed you our take on Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies, and now they’ve gone and reversed it! (Recipe and photo: Picky Palate)

5. Oreo Spread: Turning Oreos into a Nutella-like spread sounds dangerous. Very dangerous. (Recipe and photo: 10th Kitchen)

6. Roasted Cherry Tartlets with Oreo Crust: Nothing beats a pie or tart baked with an Oreo crust. These little tartlets are adorable. (Recipe and photo: Vintage Trinkets)

7. No Bake Cookies and Cream Cheesecake: Never ones to miss a good no bake hack, this Cookies and Cream cheesecake looks easy and delicious. (Recipe and photo: Baker’s Royale)

8. Praline Dipped Oreos: Talk about decadent. This is a great option for candifying (yes, that’s a word now) your favorite cookie sandwich. (Recipe and photo: Lorie’s Mississippi Kitchen)

9. Peanut Butter Oreo Popsicles: It may be getting cooler around these parts, but it’s never too cool for a popsicle. Especially one made with whipped cream, cream cheese, and peanut butter Oreos. (Recipe and photo: Pass The Sushi)

10. Oreo (Cookies & Cream) Marshmallows: We have yet to try our hand at homemade marshmallows but this recipe just might require it. (Recipe and photo: Raspberri Cupcakes)

11. Oreo Chip Cookies: These lasted all of about 45 minutes here at Brit + Co. Too delicious to resist! (Recipe and photo: Brit + Co.)

12. Kahlua Oreo Milkshake: And finally, something spiked! (Recipe and photo: Epicurean Mom)

Got any of your own Oreo recipe favorites we should know about? Share links with us in the comments below.