Happy Halloween Brit + Co. readers! The day is finally here, and we’ve spent a month gearing up for an epic night of spooky sweets, devilish drinks, meme-inspired costumes, and pumpkins upon pumpkins. Here’s our ultimate guide to a happy Halloween.

Spooky Style: First, you’ve gotta get your costume going. We’ve rounded up inspiration from celebrities, creative couples, makeup artists, DIYers, and even created our predictions for the most popular costumes of 2012.

Spiked Sweets: You know we love us a batch of spiked sweets, and Halloween happens to be perfect for a bit of devilishness. From Reese’s Peanut Butter shooters served in chocolate shot glasses to Cointreau Cupcakes and our super creepy Blood + Bones Jello shots, this Halloween was definitely boozy.

Festive Food: Can’t have your tricks without your treats! Clockwise from the top left, here’s what we cooked up: Homemade Snickers, Kit Kat and Butterfinger; Candy Corn Popcorn Cones; Pumpkin Spice S’moreos; Eyeball and Mummy Cakeballs; (Gummy) Worm-Infested Ice Cubes; and an Ombre Candy Corn Cake.

Ghosts and Spiders and Burlap, Oh My: Next item of business? The decor! To create a haunted Halloween setting, try adorning your tables and walls with spidery burlap decorations and serving classic candies in ghostly goodie bags. And to add a touch of sophistication to your soiree, check out roundup of glittered pumpkins, vintage table cards, and letterpress invitations.

Digital Halloween: Though our favorite parts about Halloween are DIY tricks and spooky treats, we’ve gotta give props to a few different ways folks are going digital this year. The iPhone dog costume is totally incredible and turning your friends into zombies via photo apps is pretty much the jam. (For a prettier take on the zombie, we also have a tutorial on that.)

Pumpkin-palooza: Even if you’re not a Halloween fanatic, who can resist a season that’s all about pumpkin? Whether we were mixing up Pumpkin Cider Beertails, baking up Pumpkin Fondue, heating up Pumpkin Curry Soup, frying Pumpkin Pancakes, blending up Skinny Pumpkin Fro Yo, or shaking and sipping a Pumpkintini.

And you can’t forget about your pup! The Snooki costume is all sorts of wrong… and right?

We’ll leave you with one more thing: Another Gangnam Style GIF! Happy Halloween readers!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the most haunted of holidays? Have you entered our costume contest yet? Talk to us in the comments below and send awesome costume pics to hello@brit.co.