Reason #478 why the holidays at Brit HQ are the best is the fact that one very special person (shoutout to Ashley Reed!) on the Brit + Co team has not one, not two but over a dozen Christmas sweaters. And she let all of us wear them!

If you’ve got your own tacky sweater that rivals the ones you see right here, you should probably enter our Tacky Sweater Contest ASAP.

1. Cat Marshmallows: And just like that, you’ve now seen the best marshmallows you could ever dream of. We can’t find a ton of “after 5 minutes in the cup of hot cocoa” pics, probably because they’d be pretty morbid :(

2. The Same Pic of Dave Coulier Every Single Day: This is a true #tbt — Throwback Tumblr. If you don’t follow this piece of pure joy, get on it. It is literally the same picture of Dave Coulier every single day, and it is the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Beard Baubles: Because beards need holiday bling too.

4. 1989 in a 3 Minute Mega Mashup: Attention Tay Tay fans, this mashup us something you have to see. It is incredible.

5. Coder in Chief: Organized by Code.Org, Obama is now the first U.S. president to write a computer program ever. So cool! And across the Atlantic, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron also spent an hour of code learning with young students in Britain.

6. Chanukah Shake It Off: Time for another T. Swift parody. This one is definitely a favorite, if for the multi-colored tutus alone. #gotlatkesonmyplate

7. Booze Tubes, Pack of 5 ($10): This shady way to carry booze just won our White Elephant gift exchange, courtesy of Brit + Co editor Sean Griffis.

8. Geometric Gift Box Ornaments, Set of 10 ($21): Ornaments that double as gift boxes? Yes please.

9. Das Horn ($25): We’ve obsessed over Das Horn for TWO years now, and now it’s in the B+C Shop. Yesssss!

10. Brand New E-Classes: And finally, don’t forget to check out our brand new suite of e-classes. They make the perfect gift for a friend who wants to be more creative, or an avid DIY’er looking to take on a new skill.

Have a great weekend, y’all!