Ready for another weekend of holiday parties? Or perhaps you’re planning on laying low in preparation for New Year’s Eve? Either way, it’s Friday morning and you deserve some giggles. Here we go!

1. BeetBox: This instrument lets people play drum beats by touching actual beets, powered by Raspberry Pi. So cool. Click here to see a full video of how it works.

2. Magic Cubes Kitchen Rack: Such a simple design and insanely useful. Definitely need to come up with a similar hack.

3. Daisy Garden Rug: Bring the beauty of the outdoors in! Or at least something like the outdoors. Each hand-woven daisy garden rug has hidden snap buttons, allowing you to arrange your daisies anyway you like.

4. Flip Furniture Coffee Cup: This piece turns into a table, small armchair, or higher chair with a low back. Love it.

5. Vool Laptop Stand: How beautiful is this laptop stand? Thanks to Swiss Miss for the find.

6. Big Cat Cat Hats: Cats wearing hats inspired by larger cats. New meme alert!

7. Matte Glitter Nail Polish: Perfect for New Year’s Eve.

8. Pigment Powder Photos: Powder in motion. Such a gorgeous photo series.

9. Evolution of Batman: Love this study of the evolution of the Batman logo from 1940 to today.

10. Plush Stole: Comfy, cozy, and chic? Oh Anthropologie, you are a well-dressed devil.

What goodies have you seen online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.