It's a sunny Friday in San Francisco, and we're wrapping up another fun-filled week at Brit & Co. From spiking donut holes to turning books into clocks and exploring all the ways you can style a one-piece, this week has been all about new twists on old basics. In between baking, drilling, and styling, we found another handful of delightful items we just have to share. Hope you enjoy this week's installment of the BritList.

Minesweeper Postcards: First up, the postcards that are sweeping the nation… or at least the Internet. In a reverse logic move similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride being turned into a movie, the classic computer game Minesweeper is now available in physical postcard form.

Postick: Speaking of postcards, wouldn't it be nice if there was a handy dandy label kit that made it easy to turn anything into a postcard? You have to admit, there's something about getting a piece of personal mail that's pretty tough to beat. Check out Postick over on Kickstarter and bring back the beauty of snail mail.

Stunner of the Month: A new pair of sunglasses every month? Sign us up. Or better yet, sign up that friend of yours who's addicted to buying sunglasses. We all have that friend… or are that friend. ;)

Peel & Stick Pocket: Spotted on Swiss Miss and coveted at Brit & Co., this Peel & Stick Shirt Pocket is kind of genius. The t-shirt move is a good one, but we love the idea of adding a pocket to a skirt, dress, or tote bag. Definitely one to add to the DIY list.

Sleep with Remee: Remee is a sleep mask that enhances your REM experience. You put it on before you go to bed and "with practice and determination" it just might increase the number of lucid dreams you have. We'd have to try it to believe it, but are already dreaming of a Waking Life-esque experience.

Ice Cream Manicure Set: It's a manicure set in an ice cream bar case. Isn't it obvious that we need one in every flavor here at Brit HQ?

Doodle Desk: A desk you can doodle on, and you can actually save the doodles! We love this concept for a workspace! We currently use our own desks as dry erase boards but there are definitely times we wish we could save our brainstorm drawings, aside from taking photos with our phone. A sweet combo of the two would be a desk made by the tablet-makers over at Wacom.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Hole Punch: Last week we found a light up LED Cherry Blossom Tree, and this week we've got a hole punch. This video is more than half the reason we couldn't resist including this darling stationery gadget in today's BritList.

Ring Box: Ring boxes have been in need of a serious upgrade for a while and we love this combo of reclaimed wood and bright color. That creaky velvet box is definitely on its way out.

Goat’s Milk Caramels: And finally something sweet. You don't always need an occasion to get your mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other, or best friend a package of farm fresh indulgence. Started by photographer Louisa Conrad and poet Lucas Farrell, Big Picture Farm churns out the best goat's milk caramels we've ever tasted. Best of all, you can follow the adventures of their goats, Manhattan, Orion, Fern, and Gertrude, on their blog, Farm Weather.

Found or made something we should know about? Let us know in the comments below and we just might include you on the next BritList.