Happy last day of July! If you haven’t done your summer to-do list thus far, it’s time to get on it. Our list includes: learn a brand new skill (oh heyyy Coding 101!), attend or host a super epic pool party, swim in the ocean… even for 10 seconds, watch a movie in the great outdoors and go camping or glamping ;)

1. Sand Art Shift Dress ($135): First up, we’ve got yet another item from our friends at Clashist. This Sand Art shift dress was put on this earth to make all of our ‘90s teen dreams come true. (P.S. There are still four pieces of my own original sand art on display at my mom’s house in Philly.)

2. Truth and Humor: True that.

3. Fashion Pieces Made Out of Acrylic Nails: That’s right. Look closely. These artfully crafted dresses are actually made out of acrylic nails! So crazy.

4. Flask Bangle ($40): The last time we fell hard for such a bangle was over two years ago when we spotted this Cynthia Rowley number for a whopping $225. Thank you Modcloth, for making our dreams come true.

5. DIY Rainbow Paint Roller: How amazing is this? It’s a DIY hack for creating your own rainbow paint roller that you can fill with any range of colors.

6. Indigo Tie Dye Kit ($12): At just under twelve bucks, this kit is perfect for shibori amateurs and pros alike. It’s got everything you need to create a huge vat of dye that can add indigo action to lots of items!

7. The First Fashion Collection 3D Printed at Home: Created by fashion student Danit Peleg, this collection was sparked after Peleg decided to skip sewing machines and fabrics and went straight to 3D printing. After a lot of trial and error, she used 3D rendering software Blender to create an entire jacket based on triangular shapes. After one success, she created an entire line!

8. Paper Jungle: Cut entirely by hand, this labor of (jungle) love is made up of pieces of vibrantly colored paper, layered carefully onto each other to create three-dimensional animal figures popping out of the wall. Well done, Mlle Hipolyte. Well done. (h/t Design Boom)

9. Vans x Eley Kishimoto Living Art Collection: If you’re not familiar with Eley Kishimoto, it’s time to get in the know. Known for vibrant, graphic designs and a mission to Print the World, this husband-and-wife design house is all about merging art with fashion in a highly wearable way. And now, they’ve teamed up with Vans to bring their Living Art dreams to life! :)

10. Calligraphy 201 Class ($20): Remember how you told yourself you’d use those summer Fridays to learn something new instead of starting happy hour at noon? You only need an hour to take our Calligraphy 201 class — which still gives you a few super happy hours before it’s even 5 o’clock ;)