It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Come on… how long did you think we could resist making that reference on a Friday? Looking forward to a weekend filled with Lemon Tea Cupcakes, Classic Cocktail Floats, and the Olympics Opening Ceremonies!! But before we get to fun and frolicking, here are 10 bits of awesomeness that made us look.

Sushezi Roller: Seeing is believing. This sushi roller is the easiest-looking sushi device we’ve ever seen. Simply put everything together, close the roller, and push out like a push pop or bazooka. (P.S. How often is sushi compared to push pops or bazookas?)

Ballerina Wall Clock: Dance away the hours with this whimsical ballerina clock. Perfect for a little girl’s room but also fun as a bright color pop in your kitchen or entryway.

Edible Cookie Cup: Have your coffee cup and… eat it too! Designed by Enrique Luis Sardi for Lavazza, this cup has an insulated interior made of sugar icing which happens to make it extra delicious and totally waterproof.

Deodorgrams: Got a special smelly someone in your life in need of some not-so-subtle advice? Send them an anonymous deodorgram! (Anonymity is totally optional… but probably necessary.)

State Tables: A perfectly personal side table custom made with love. Choose from 8 colors, 50 states, and prepare for your coffee table to be jealous.

Pizza Scissors + Spatula: We remember figuring out that scissors are way easier than pizza cutters, especially for the homemade stuff. This scissor-spatula combo is smart, handy, and pretty darn good looking.

Coastermatic: Presenting yet another way to make your Instagram photos come to life! Coastermatic prints your Instagram photos onto round sandstone coasters. A set of 4 will set you back $25. Love this idea for wedding gifts and birthday parties.

FLASHr LED Notification iPhone Case: A few weeks ago we showed you the Soundless Speaker, a system that lights up your notifications so you don’t miss anything when you’ve got headphones on. Now the world of iPhone cases has wisened up. The FLASHr illuminates for calls, texts, and push notifications, and manages to do so in a super sleek fashion. Yes the light is bright, but the case is slim and the colors are many.

Skinny Jeans in 70 Colors: Oh yes. Skinnies available in just about any color you can imagine… plus they’re buy 2 get 1 free! Time to stock up or share an order with friends so you can revel together in your new skinny addiction.

Boo by GUND: And finally, a little puppy love. Touted as the world’s cutest dog, it’s about time Boo got a stuffed animal ode.

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