Setting health resolutions and goals and sticking to 鈥檈m is the best way to satisfy food cravings, take your workout to the next level, and maintain balance 鈥 but figuring out what to work on and how to stay the course can be hard. One woman, Gianne Doherty, is working to change that. Doherty, the founder of Boston-based organic skincare company Organic Bath Co., was searching for a place she could go for information and inspiration about wellness, health, and business. When she couldn鈥檛 find it, she created it herself and founded The W.E.L.L. Summit, a life-changing weekend experience. We chatted with Doherty to get all the details on this wellness conference, so keep reading for the 411.

W.E.L.L. Summit

the 411 on the W.E.L.L. Summit

We love that The W.E.L.L. Summit is a weekend completely designed for health and wellness pros, as well as anyone who cares about living their healthiest, happiest lives. Described as the perfect mix between a retreat and a conference, the experience is said to inspire and rejuvenate attendees, with breakout sessions and trailblazing speakers dedicated to everything from food and nutrition to fitness, self-acceptance, spirituality, and even growing a wellness-based biz. Doherty says that for her, it鈥檚 the passion and caliber of the speakers and partners that make the weekend so special. 鈥淲here else can you listen to Kathryn Budig speak, meditate with Latham Thomas, learn how to handle your anxiety with Sara DiVello, or get mentorship from Brandie Gilliam of Thoughtfully Magazine?鈥 she asks. 鈥淲e have fun with wellness, and while we do dabble a bit in the 鈥榳oo,鈥 we love to get to the science behind things, like why you should meditate and how your community can affect your health.鈥

W.E.L.L. Summit

When it comes to her goals for The W.E.L.L. Summit, Doherty wants attendees to get the full picture of healthy living. 鈥淟iving well is not just what you eat; it鈥檚 also about what you put on your skin. It鈥檚 how you nourish your mind and soul,鈥 she says. This comes down to little things you do every day, like what you buy and how they affect others and the Earth. 鈥淓verything is connected,鈥 she says. 鈥淭his is about a community of like-minded individuals who can use knowledge to empower and inspire others. We welcome people at all stages of their wellness journey. No one should feel like an outsider when it comes to their health!鈥 The core values at the heart of the summit created the acronym for the name (wellness, empowerment, learning, and luxury). Supporting these is something that we (and the 500-plus event attendees) can easily get behind.

4 Things to Love About the W.E.L.L. Summit

1. Luxe Extras: 鈥淭he W.E.L.L. Summit is about the luxury of health,鈥 Doherty says. 鈥淏ut we also know that it鈥檚 important to feel pampered. From nourishing snacks and meals to organic tea and a wellness gift bag filled with luxe treats, The W.E.L.L. Summit is all about leaving you inspired and invigorated.

2. An Active Community: Doherty says that community can play a key role in overall health and happiness. It鈥檚 only fitting, of course, that The W.E.L.L. Summit boasts an ultra-active community 鈥 in more ways than one. 鈥淭his group of people empowers each other to make better decisions about their health. They lift each other up, and promote one another.鈥 Since it鈥檚 about community over competition, Doherty especially loves witnessing the ways that attendees connect and bond 鈥 both personally and professionally. 鈥淲e鈥檝e had some incredible collaborations come from The W.E.L.L. Summit in the past few years,鈥 she says, smiling.

3. The Ultimate Healthy Living Bash: With over 500 attendees and 40 top wellness brands dedicated to healthy living, the official LIVE WELL Party is a fantastic opportunity to mix, mingle, and enjoy the radiant energy that flows throughout the weekend. 鈥淭his is an ideal space for finding new and/or inspiring brands that are shaping the conversation around healthy living,鈥 Doherty says. 鈥淚t鈥檚 such a fun night!鈥

4. A Beauty Brush-Up: This cool conference offers healthy beauty services we love, like a non-toxic polish change from the Tenoverten Manicure Bar and an all-natural, chemical-free Vapour Beauty foundation match from a pro. 鈥淲e want to show people that you don鈥檛 have to compromise with clean beauty,鈥 Doherty says. How鈥檚 that for feeling your best, inside and out?

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(Photos via The W.E.L.L. Summit)