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mental health 2022

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The Science Says: How Social Media Impacts Our Mental Health

Six ways to distance yourself when social media takes a toll on your well-being.

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There's a reason we feel so connected to book, TV, and movie characters.


What You Know About Happiness Is All Wrong

The founder and creator of The New Happy sets us straight.

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This Founder Is Helping Workers Get A Mental Health Break

Angelica Suarez, founder of MyRest, aims to change our work culture to value rest.


5 Ways To Find Happiness In A Post-Girlboss World

Take a pause and discover what matters most to you.

Self Care

How To Rebuild Your Real Life Community Post-Quarantine

The last two years have been isolating — here’s how to get your hive back.


Beyond 'Baby Blues': 6 Maternal Mental Health Issues To Know

Mood disorders before, during, and after pregnancy are more common than you may think.