By now we’re all used to seeing epic and crazy proposal videos in our Facebook and Twitter feeds, like this guy who staged an action film scene to propose or this guy who spent four years and 100,000 miles to make his proposal video. But, when you strip away the foreign locations and special effects, what we all really love about these films are that the guys and gals took special care and planning to execute a romantic surprise for their fiance-to-be.

Sam and Jess met when they were 10 years old, in the 5th grade, and according to Sam, he has loved Jess ever since. They grew up together and knew early on that they were meant for one another. When Sam was ready to propose, he told Jess that his cousin Matty, a musician, needed Jess and Sam to act in his latest music video. Since they were huge supporters of their friend’s career, this didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

So on the day, Sam and Jess acted as talent in the music video which culminated in a date scene at a restaurant owned by a family friend. So naturally, many of their other family and friends were going to be “extras” in this scene. Now, watch what happens:

This amazing proposal video went totally viral, with 15 million views on YouTube! Their story was picked up by local and international news outlets who couldn’t get enough of the adorable couple and their proposal story.

Jump forward to March 2016: Sam and Jess’s wedding ceremony was held in the church where Jess’s grandparents were married over 50 years ago, and they celebrated with family and friends at the Wanamaker building in Center City Philadelphia, which is home to the Crystal Tea Room. The 1920s grand ballroom is the epitome of elegance and glamour, and it was the perfect spot for this wonderful, beautiful couple to celebrate their wedding. Watch their wedding video below and get ready to take note, ’cause this is full of some serious #bigdaygoals.

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