What do you do when you go on an amaaaazing first date with the girl of your dreams that you just know — KNOW you’re going to end up with? If you’re Jack Hyer, you start working on your proposal video. Stat.

After Jack’s first date with Rebecca Strellnauer, the duo faced a situation that would have been IT for other college-age couples. Jack’s studies threatened to tear these two apart, taking him all across the globe. Distance wasn’t nothin’ but a number for these cuties. While away from his lady love, this lil Romeo started working on a video for Rebecca where he danced and lipsynched The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” The video travels across 26 countries, over 100,000 miles, from the Great Wall of China, to Africa, to the White House.

He showed her the four year creation at their graduation, saying it was a “grad slideshow,” but at the end — well, you should watch, it’s pretty adorable. Sidenote: Clearly we all studied the wrong thing in college. Can I go back to school for whatever Jack got a degree in?!

Aw, love that he apologizes for the shaky camera work, which we’ll give him a TOTAL pass on. Let the last shot of the actual proposal be a reminder to all, though — when taking video on your phone, hold that sucker sideways. The newly-engaged couple who you just documented will thank you ;)

Jack did a fab job, and can you imagine what you could pull off with some of the smartphones, apps and add-ons if you started making that video now over the next four years. That’s a lot of pressure if you have any first dates coming up.

Have you seen (or been a part of!) any epic proposal or wedding videos that you want to share with the class? Come on, don’t be shy — leave linkage below :)

(h/t: Swimmingly)