Couples with crazy engagement announcements or unique, non-traditional weddings — we can’t get enough of them. And now, one groom-to-be named Seth has reached that highly sought after viral status due to his very own one-of-a-kind proposal. Lots of people dream that when their significant other pops the question, it will feel like a Hollywood moment. That’s exactly what it was for Cymber, his future bride.

Seth’s brother is an amateur film director, and the two of them came up with an epic idea for a proposal. Seth told Cymber that his brother needed actors for a film he was working on and asked if she’d be willing to help out. A script was penned, which included an intense shootout scene complete with helicopters. At the end of the take, Seth broke out of character, got down on one knee and asked Cymber for her hand.

Cymber and Seth’s engagement is now a viral hit. You can see it in the video below.

The look of surprise and joy over Cymber’s face is priceless. Congrats to Seth and Cymber!

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(h/t Elite Daily)