Between churro waffle ice cream sandwiches and Oreo’s new Mississippi mud pie cookies, there’s no shortage of ways we can think of to satisfy our sweet tooth. Krispy Kreme just gave us another, though, and NOT in the form of its signature donuts. Instead, the brand is offering up bite-sized versions of their famed sweet treats with a Jelly Belly collab that’s making our hearts skip a beat.

Unveiled at the 2017 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, Krispy Kreme unleashed its new jelly bean offerings unto the world in no less than five mouth-watering flavors, leaving us giddy over our new snacking possibilities.

At four to 10.6 calories per single average Jelly Belly and about 180-400 in a typical Krispy Kreme donut, you can eat up to about 100 of the regular candies before you ever match the calories found in one of the companies’ more unhealthy donut options.

While specialty flavors such as these (which will reportedly come in cinnamon apple-filled, strawberry iced, original glazed, glazed blueberry cake, and chocolate iced with sprinkles) may vary in statistics, they’re still very likely an improvement in both calorie count and sugar intake over the larger donut option.

IF we can stop eating at just a couple, that is. And that’s a big if (cinnamon apple-filled? Come ON. We can’t be blamed for binging). Check your local grocery store shelves for these guys soon.

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(h/t Hello Giggles; Photos via Joe Raedle/Getty)