If you could pay, say, $1,500 for kitchen appliance that would replace your blender, food processor, steamer, bread maker, food scale, knives, slow cooker, and stand mixer, would you? Surprisingly enough, such an appliance DOES exist鈥 It just isn鈥檛 big in the United States yet. Meet the Thermomix ($1,448): A cult favorite appliance around the world that鈥檚 going to help you make everything from homemade bread recipes to smoothie recipes.

WTF is a Thermomix?

Intrigued? The Thermomix is, according to its website, a single appliance that does the work of TWELVE.

鈥淭hermomix庐 combines twelve appliances into one with functions that include weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, whisking, precise heating, stirring and emulsifying,鈥 states the official website.

And although it鈥檚 definitely impressive that the Thermomix can do all of these routine kitchen tasks, here鈥檚 something even *more* astonishing: The Thermomix can synchronize with their recipe platform Cookidoo, where users can access thousands of recipes from around the world to download directly to their Thermomix and cook with step-by-step Guided Cooking.

If this sounds like the kitchen appliance of the future, that鈥檚 because it is. The Thermomix is generally sold by 鈥渃onsultants鈥 who work directly with the company and sell to interested buyers (think: the Lularoe business model, minus the parties). However, if you don鈥檛 have a consultant, you can still purchase the Thermomix directly from the website to the tune of nearly $1,500.

A Global Phenomenon

The Thermomix is impressive, but it has yet to take the US by storm. That鈥檚 because the Vorwerk company hasn鈥檛 been advertising in the US 鈥 until now. The Thermomix is somewhat of a sensation in Europe and Australia. There are literally blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to cooking with the appliance, and there鈥檚 an entire culture built around families鈥 willingness to go all-in on the product.

鈥淚n Australia, where some 300,000 kitchens housed a Thermomix as of May 2016 (and my own brother-in-law jokes that his family鈥檚 would be the first thing saved in a fire), it sparked headlines such as 鈥極utrage in the suburbs at stealth release of new Thermomix model鈥 and 鈥楾hermomix War: Whose side are you on?'鈥 reports Quartz.

It鈥檚 hard to believe that a kitchen appliance could spark this kind of passion鈥 But then again, we鈥檝e never owned an appliance that did the work of 12.

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(Images via Thermomix)